The Advantages and Disadvantages of Injectable Drugs

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Injectable Drugs

One of the main reasons why people all over the globe resort to injecting drugs into their bloodstream rather than taking the substance orally is because of the difference in time. We as humans are impatient beings by nature. There is no use in denying that plain fact. Whether it be waiting to order a cup of coffee in a café, shopping items online, or any other circumstances we might find ourselves into, we want it done quickly and efficiently. This doesn’t change when it comes to drugs.

Pros of Injectable Drugs: 

  • The drug administered takes effect in a shorter period of time 

People living in the world with drugs prefer injectable ones because it only takes a few seconds or so before its effects kick in their system. In contrast to the traditional way of administering it which is via oral consumption that takes quite a while before the user can fully grasp the upshot.

The sole explanation behind this event is that injecting it directly into your bloodstream only takes a brief moment before it reaches the boss of your entire body which is the brain. Unlike when the substance is taken orally, it would take a couple of stops here and there before it reaches its final destination. A better way to describe it is by associating it with food.

After you ingest your meal it takes quite a while for your body to fully digest and breakdown the food particles hence the reason why you only gain energy little by little as the duration of time extends and not all at once. (

  • The dosage of the substance being consumed can be controlled 

The process of physically injecting a needle to a vein may often be seen or may appeal as a health hazard for the masses. Taking into account how often this method is being abused by users for their recreational purposes.

This is especially true in regulating the required dosage in patients who are advised to take specific substances. Since the medium can be administered through syringes, health professionals can easily control the amount and concentration of the medicine.

Drugs That Can Be Consumed Via Syringes: 

  • Cocaine

Cocaine is one of the most famous and highly sought out drugs everywhere in the globe.This made it impossible for it not to be on this list. Not only is this medium popular among the masses, but it can also be ingested in the body in a bunch of different ways. Talk about versatility. May it be smoked, snorted, liquefy and injected directly to the vein. (read more)

  • Steroids

Steroids are more openly used by the masses as it has a variety of purposes and is quite beneficial in some cases. One circumstance that this is used is by people who have been meaning to acquire more man based characteristics.

People who are in the sporting business as well have quite been attached to this variation of medication. As one of its features is to enhance the body frame and reaction time of an individual, it is quite an edge in the world of competition.

Steroids rather have a big consumer market because of its perks and can be bought at anabolic steroid drugs shop. There are other shops you can check out too but make sure you trust your source.

Cons of Injectable Drugs:

  • Higher possibility of being contaminated by blood-borne pathogens

This practice may have quite an edge over the oral ones’ keeping in mind that users would pretty much still favor the endgame despite the procedure. Because let’s face it, using syringes as a way to consume a type of medicine may be quite a task when it comes to the preparation.

The extreme euphoria or what they call it as a sudden “rush” diminishes the extensive process it brings to the individual. Despite all these great incentives, it also comes with heavy cons. One of the biggest cons of administering substance through injections is the health hazard it brings to that specific user.

We cannot deny the fact that although some people actually need to take in substances for medical purposes whether it be for an overlying disease or sickness, there are also people under the influence of drugs just because of recreational use. And in most cases wherein people do opt to use it to alter their current state of mind, they usually disregard the proper method of handling needles.

It is common sense by now, that a needle can only be used once in order to prevent being infected by blood-borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B and the popular HIV. But something basic as this often gets shunned especially when you’re taking it as a large crowd

  • Higher risks of being condemned to drug dependence

We all know at this point in time since this is something that is relevant to the current generation and that is addiction. Another disadvantage this method brings to substance users is that it can easily generate dependence.

People might find the whole you can feel the effects in a matter of seconds very appealing. But because of this factor, the effect is only short-lived. This makes users feel the need to inject again in order to feel that addicting type of sensation.


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