Stay on the budget: Ways to save money for a plastic surgery procedure

Plastic surgery is definitely one of the greatest inventions of modern age. And while it used to raise eyebrows and have many “cons” of those live-healthy-diet-workout-every-day purists, it has in time turned into a normal thing, a very often exercised way of regaining your self-confidence back.

For anyone who is exploring the idea of plastic surgery, you need to know that this is a quick fix for something you are insecure about. But it should also be a starting point of your life change on a bigger scale.

For instance, if you’ve been struggling with weight and you’ve decided to have a liposuction, that’s okay. The results will be amazing and you’ll feel great. However, if even after the surgery you keep on binge eating various fast foods and sweets, if you embrace a “couch potato” mode now that “you are fit and don’t need to worry about it”, don’t expect the results to last. So, before going under the knife, be sure this is something you are serious about.

Further, most of these procedures are intense and complicated which is why they tend to be pretty expensive. Given you’ve thought about it for a long time and decided that you want to have the surgery done, the finances are the big next thing to think about. Often, means for such an undertake are poor, which is why some good advice on what to do (money-wise) may come in handy.

We are giving you some helpful suggestions that will hopefully steer you in the right direction.

Plan it out

If you’ve got a decent job, it won’t be that hard to save up. The key to saving up for a surgery is to make a plan of your monthly spending and cutting back on things that aren’t necessities. Money you would normally spend on who-knows-what can go into something that will be life changing for you.

Think about it: do you really need to eat out as much as you do? Do you really need that other pair of shoes when you have one alike? Is it really necessary to go shopping that many times a month? Trim your budget by finding your money weakness!

Also, if you know (but only if you are certain) that your income will grow in the next few months, and you are in a rush to have a surgery, ask a friend for a loan with a promise of paying him/her back in installments. But, if you aren’t sure about your finances, don’t risk it.

It’s all about generosity

Unless you are keeping your surgery a secret, raise extra money for the plastic surgery procedure through your family and friends. How? Well, ask them to give you money instead of buying you expensive holiday or birthday gifts. Also, cancel that expensive family trip you were planning on going and leave it for the next year. It’ll be cool then, too!

Go for a cheaper option

We are taught that cheaper is never a better option, but this can’t be really used as rule of thumb. There are plenty alternatives you may explore, without risking the quality of work that’ll be done on you. For instance, if you are looking to get a facelift, maybe opt for Botox or soft tissue fillers. Indeed, they do last shorter than a facelift would but they are a quick solution if you are tight for money.

Ask the surgeon for deals

Assuming you’ll be turning to a private practice for your procedure, this gives you the possibility to negotiate deals with your surgeon. Private health care clinics have certain freedom when it comes to pricing, so they may be able to offer you a discount if you are considering the option of a) staying their client b) undergoing multiple surgeries.

Some clinics offer a substitute for surgeries like they do coolsculpting in Perth. This is the only non-invasive and non-surgical procedure to clinically eliminate excess body fat with close to 100% patient satisfaction rate. May want to look into it!

Further, there are clinics whose policy is to have yearly discounts, a few months in a year. Talk to your surgeon and see which months are best for scheduling a surgery (money-wise).

We hope our suggestions helped and that you’ll soon be looking at your gorgeous new body!

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