Signs that Your Partner has Stopped Loving Them

Signs that Your Partner has Stopped Loving Them

If a man really loves you, he will never say these phrases says Toronto marriage counselling. Whether you are together recently or years ago, whether you live together and have entered the routine phase or not.

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If he says this, h, unfortunately,y has stopped loving you:

“I do not have to explain to you”

A bad sign is if your partner accepts your questions with such open hostility. If he feels that you are interrogating him too much, there are softer ways to say it.

“This is your problem” / “This is not my problem”

Whatever difficulty you have, the man who loves you will want to help. Whether it’s a stupid thing – for example, your money was done a week before your salary, because you gave a bunch of money for another pair of shoes. Yes, he may be irritated. At this point, he may have problems himself. But turning your back on you so strongly gives you a lack of love.

“If you do not like it, find another one”

When we love, we are almost always ready to make a compromise. Or at least listen to the other and think how we can solve our problems with mutual concession. This phrase – on the contrary, he says he does not care how it makes you feel. And you will not break your peace of mind for your sake.

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“I do not believe you”

Saying this, a man is just looking for a fight. Or even an occasion to break with you. Yes, it is possible that he really doubted anything. But then, if he loves you, he will explain how he feels and will seek answers to resolve the situation.

By saying, “I do not believe you,” he blames and closes the topic without looking for your explanation or interest in your point of view.


If you share with your husband that you miss attention lately, that he is distracted or has become more harsh, the correct answer is: “What made you feel that way?” Or, “Excuse me, it is possible. I have problems at work lately.” “Exaggerating” is not an answer and does not give a solution to anything. Of course, you are always likely to exaggerate. You may be more sensitive for some reason. But this can only be clarified together if the person next to you shows understanding and stands ready to talk.

If you are seriously worried about something or something, it makes you sad, and it just goes out with the exaggeration and does not look for the problem, unfortunately, you do not like that partner enough.

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