A Complete Overview of Salesforce Development

A Complete Overview of Salesforce Development

Money OutlineNow that you are here to read about Salesforce and Salesforce Development, there are two possibilities, one is that you are already familiar with the term CRM and one is that you are not. So let me run with the possibility that you are not at all familiar with what CRMs are and how they function and let me run you through as a basic introduction to these before even starting with Salesforce which is one of the best CRM software and Cloud Computing solutions available in the digital world today.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management system as is descriptive from its name is something which is used to define and regulate the professional tie-up or the relationship a company or an organization has with its client’s all over the world.salesforce development services

A CRM tool is an integration and amalgamation of all the tools, technologies and data sets which are required by an enterprise to regulate the above-mentioned activities. CRM systems like the Salesforce have basically upgraded the functionality of traditional business systems all over the world by providing management abilities in an easier and more effective manner.

What is Salesforce?

Getting back to the main topic now; Salesforce! It is one of the hundreds of CRM solutions available all over the world for CRM related activities online and offline. It is one of the cloud platform based applications which is composed of multiple services including the likes of the Health Cloud, the Marketing Cloud, the Analytics Cloud etc and is mostly used by the sales teams of big corporations to manage their daily records and maintain the knowledge graph of all the processes that are being conducted in the pre-sales and the post-sales process.

Salesforce in itself is one of the tech giants of the world and was founded by Marc Benioff and boasts of a revenue easily crossing $3.8 Billion per year and a team of roughly 10,000 employees all over the world, of which many are working in the CRM sector as it is the most widely used tool ever developed by the company.The company has a worth of more than $50 Billion.

Why is Salesforce Required?

As I mentioned in the above paragraph that Salesforce is generally used by the sales and marketing teams of big corporations to keep a track of their sales processes including the pre and the post-sales activities such as the number of sales that have been made through/for a particular client etc.

What is Salesforce Development?

Developing on the platform provided by Force.com for Salesforce development is kind of a big deal and Salesforce development companies charge hefty sums of money for developing Salesforce-based applications, programs etc. As per the current market average, a good Salesforce development company charges anywhere around 150$ per hour to a maximum of 500$ per hour for working on Salesforce-based applications.

A developer for this platform basically performs different tasks ranging from basic Salesforce integration to Salesforce customization to complete development of applications from scratch which can be then made available for use on the platform for free or can be made chargeable as well.

Then there are the subsidiary channels as well to the cloud products like the Visualforce Pages. These applications are built on platforms known as SaaS or PaaS and a development company needs to have proper development knowledge for these platforms:

1. Force.com
2. Lightning App Builder
3. Heroku
4. Fuel

All of the above-mentioned platforms have different requirements and serve different purposes.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

A developer is the one who has proper integration, development and customization knowledge of all the above-mentioned platforms, but let me tell you that Salesforce developers are a rare breed, even when this technology has amazing implications which make the solutions available for this technology costly as hell and the Salesforce developers the most sought after in the web and application development community.

How does one become a Salesforce Developer?

Before answering that let me first tell you how much does an average Salesforce developer makes and how much can you make as a Salesforce developer – We recently had a conversation with the CEO of one of the most sought after Salesforce development companies in India, The Nine Hertz, in our conversation, Mr. Narendra Singh mentioned, “A fairly good Salesforce developer can make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 per year doing a job in any good development company”.Salesforce Developer

Now that we have this information I am sure that you are pretty psyched to know what you can do today and how you can start preparing to be an amazing developer for this community.

A few things should be noted in advance before starting the preparation to be a Salesforce Developer, and you may mark these as the pre-requisites for our purpose:

1. Passion: The passion to learn is the key to grabbing hold of any new technology in a shorter period of time and if you are not a passionate developer or you don’t want to dive into a new technology, this is probably not for you.

2. Technical: Have you ever worked on WordPress? One works on WordPress with a notion that coding skills are only to be used in the situation where there is no other option left and the Salesforce customization options available in the themes and plugins are not diverse enough. Same is the case with the technology at hand. We have a good news for you though, there is an amazing amount of information and a great formally managed documentation is easily available online for everyone at the – Force.com Workbook on the Salesforce development area.

3. Knowledge: It is recommended that you do not directly hop into Salesforce as a rookie developer and have the knowledge of any of the basic object-oriented languages like Java before starting with Apex, which is the primary coding language used for development on Force.com.

Apart from the knowledge of Apex and Java, you should have some in-depth knowledge of languages like HTML5 as well before you start working on the Visual force.


I hope you have understood the meaning of Salesforce development and its greater importance for maintaining the smooth flow of any business. Salesforce is a great piece of technology that frequently drives greater productivity and credibility to your business. If you want to increase the sales and leads of your business in a smaller span of time, then you should surely opt for Salesforce.

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