Must have gadgets for your home

Must have gadgets for your home

Are you ever out food shopping and you find yourself wondering whether you still have milk in the fridge? Isn’t it just the worst moment when you settle down and get comfy on the sofa, and you haven’t turned the light off? How many times have you left the heating on by mistake when you have left the house? These conundrums might be a thing of the past as there is now a smart gadget to provide you with ease for each of these. Smart home technology is a thing of the future, with endless possibilities bringing your home to the next level and smarten up your living space.

Smart refrigerators

Smart refrigerators take fridges to a whole new level, combining a normal fridge with a touchscreen interface with the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi as well as numerous other additional features. Smart refrigerators include internal cameras that allow you to check stock levels inside the fridge, as well as user-controlled cooling options all from the click of your mobile phone. Other smart fridges can connect with other devices in your house such as smart TVs, smart microwaves and even speakers. Features will vary between models, but most also have the capacity to look up recipes and read the steps while you cook, create shopping lists to sync to your smartphone, upload photos to view and double check if you are running low on milk and eggs.

Smart Speakers

One of the most recognised smart gadgets that has emerged in people’s homes over the past couple of years is smart speakers, such as the Amazon Alexa. Alexa was the first smart home experience for many, leaving homeowners further purchasing other smart technology goods for their home. Alexa is a voice-controlled assistant which can control what music you play, what lights you wish to turn off and what shopping you should buy. It makes every aspect of your home easy to access and control.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are really transforming the way you answer your door and speak to your visitors. From passing over instructions to the postman while you are out of the house, to checking whether the person at the door is worth getting up for, the trend of the smart doorbell is guaranteed to make your life easier.

Also used as a simple security measure, smart doorbells have built-in cameras allowing you to view your visitors before you answer the door, or even speak to them from your office to give them the impression you are in but cannot come to the door.

Low carbon power

Over recent years there has been increasing concern for our environment, leading more people to become more eco-conscious around the house and change the way they live. Low carbon technologies are used by property investment companies such as RW Invest who meticulously design all their properties with the eco-conscious tenant in mind. The low carbon power aims to significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere, which attracts tenants from all over the world. Sustainability is a great way to entice new tenants to a property, and there is a positive correlating between the importance of green credentials and the level of rent paid by tenants.


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