Moving into a New Home? Follow These 9 Tips

Moving into a New Home? Follow These 9 Tips

If you’re soon leaving the home you’re currently living in, you’re surely on the lookout for some useful hacks that will make the whole process easy and smooth. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips that you can rely on if you want a quick move into your new accommodation. Keep on reading.

Start packing your old home on time

First of all, it’s essential that you start preparing for the move on time. In order to get it all done, don’t wait until the last moment. While you might feel like you’ll still use some items and don’t want to pack them up for just in case, there are certainly items that you can pack a few weeks, even months before the move itself. That way, you might be able to eliminate some of the moving-related stress that many people face. Sorting through your stuff and having it packed well ahead of time can not only ensure you don’t forget something important but it can also help you get rid of unnecessary items that have no place in your new abode.

Have the essentials on hand

With that in mind, you can slowly start putting things you know you will not use in your current home into boxes. For example, if the moving date is a few weeks away and it’s the summer, your winter clothes can be packed and prepared for the move. Then, you can also pack books you’ve already read as well as various decorations and knickknacks you will have no use for before the move. However, you want to leave all essentials unpacked until the last moment. So, don’t pack away important documents, keys, devices you use on a daily basis, toiletries, food, and so on. Pack these last and keep them in a designated spot until the move.

Tackle it one room at a time

The packing process can oftentimes get overwhelming. That is why having a specific approach can be of use. For instance, you should tackle the packing one room at a time. Go through each of the bedrooms to determine which items are essential and which can be packed right away. Do the same with the bathroom, kitchen, and every other room in the house. Plus, grouping things together according to the room where they belong will make unpacking easier as well.

Label everything for easier transport

In addition to packing one room at a time, you also want to adopt the practice of labeling everything. Having labels on your items will make unpacking and organizing much easier and there are various ways how you can handle this. If you put everything in boxes, use a marker to specify to which room the items in it belong. Moreover, as many rooms will require several boxes, you can attach a more detailed list that will show you everything that is in the container without having to rummage through it. You can also get a label gun and add various labels to your containers.

Make sure to clean the home you’re leaving

Regardless of whether you’re selling the home you’re currently living in or if you’re renting your current accommodation, you want to leave a good impression. With that in mind, make sure you don’t leave any trash behind. Gather up all your belongings and sell, donate, or throw away those you don’t need anymore. In case you were renting, look into end of lease cleaning services as there are professionals that will ensure the place is spotless. On the other hand, if you’ve already sold the house, you don’t want to leave it dirty for the new owners, especially if you still have to interact with them.

Get the new home ready before you move in

Just like you will not leave the home cluttered and grimy for the new tenants, you’re hoping to find the new home in a similar shape. However, you still want to clean it before you move in. If you get the keys ahead of the move, you can go in, give it a fresh coat of paint, and prepare it for your belongings’ arrival. What is more, you also want the home to have water, electricity, internet, and all other amenities you might need.

Hire a moving company or rent a truck

Something else you need to consider when moving is hiring a moving company. These experts know how to organize everything and get everything delivered to your new home on time with no issues. If there are any fragile items, they will pay special attention and ensure these items make it to their destination in one piece. On the other hand, you can also hire a moving truck or van and get your belongings to your new home on your own. That way, you can save some money but you also need to protect your items and be careful when driving to prevent breaks.

Unpack the rest room by room

Once everything has arrived to your new home, you need to start unpacking. The first things you will need will surely be the essentials you’ve packed last. When you have settled with some basics, you can unpack the rest. As the bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances should have been installed prior to you moving in, you just need to get out various items like toiletries, food, some smaller appliances, towels, and mats. Then, move on to the bedrooms and slowly tackle the wardrobes. Lastly, don’t neglect adding the finishing touches to the living room by displaying some travel souvenirs and cherished gifts.

Remember to let everyone know you’ve moved

When you’re moving to a new home, you also want to let everyone know. While your close friends and family members surely know already, there might be some distant relatives and acquaintances that could need your new address too. Moreover, notify your local authorities, bank, and other institutions that require your address for legal purposes.


Moving is often a stressful endeavor. However, by preparing on time and having a list of things you need to do, there is no need to fret. Everything should go smoothly.

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