Move Ahead in Your Career with an MS in Health Sciences from Excelsior College

Move Ahead in Your Career with an MS in Health Sciences from Excelsior College

If you’re considering studying to receive your MS in health sciences from Excelsior College, then you’ve taken a step in the right direction to a rewarding career. 

There are many different career options open to you when you have a health sciences degree. There are five different areas that students who get an MS In health sciences usually follow. The following is a breakdown of the MS in health sciences degree as well as some information about the post-graduation career opportunities. 

What is an MS in health sciences?

With an MS in health sciences, you don’t stick to just one part of the healthcare field. Instead, you work in a broad range of healthcare, doing everything from managing health crises to conducting research for diseases. If you’re not sure what branch of healthcare you want to work in, then studying for your MS In health sciences might be just the ticket for you.

Areas of focus in health sciences

Health and behavior, global health issues, risk analysis and health promotion, as well as program development and evaluation are just a few areas of health science focus, but there are quite a few career fields you can get into, as well. From public health careers such as epidemiologists to health care administration and health education to long term health care, there is a lot you can do with an MS and you’ll be helping people, as well. However, many students wonder why they should even go for a masters in health sciences or a masters in anything for that matter. With that being said, the following are a few reasons that getting your master is the only way to go if you want a successful and lucrative career. 

Learn more about what you love

If you have a love for health sciences, then you’d want to learn everything you can about it. If you are passionate about something, you should strive to learn any and everything you can in that field of study. The great thing about going for your MS is that you won’t just be learning more in your field. Instead, you’ll be getting hands-on practice in that field. You’ll also be doing highly-advanced research within the niche parts of the field you have chosen. Excelsior College offers students the opportunity to dive deep into the field they love so much.

More research opportunities

When you sign up for a masters program, especially in the health sciences field, your opportunities to research in your chosen niche open up quite a bit. Lab and research opportunities are a great way to delve into what you love, all while learning more about the field. Research opportunities often come with pay to help with the overwhelming expenses typically associated with college.

Easier to get a job after graduation

While health care is a field that is constantly needing help, in health science, the more you know the better you are. With an MS in health sciences, you will find it much easier to land your dream job after graduation. Holding a masters upon graduation lets prospective employers know just how capable, determined, and trustworthy you are, because getting a masters isn’t an easy feat. 

These are just a few things you need to know about moving ahead with a career with an MS in health sciences from Excelsior College. A masters degree allows you to learn more about what you love all while gaining more research experience that would allow you to get a well-paying job once you graduate.


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