Why Longspan Shelving Is The Ideal Choice For Irregularly Sized Goods?

Why Longspan Shelving Is The Ideal Choice For Irregularly Sized Goods?

Longspan shelves are for special utility. You will not use a longspan shelf at a place, which requires typical pallet racks, but would think about it when the size and volume of goods vary a lot while weight stays low to medium. This is a matter of calculation and measurements. To understand how to proceed with arranging your storage shelves and analyze if you need longspan shelves, here is a simple guide.

What is the use of longspan shelves?

Longspan shelves are used for storing goods, which are not as heavy weight as the items stored in pallet racks. When the storable items do not exert extreme pressure, the goods are just low to medium weight. They are different for being of unusual volumes, different dimensions, and types. Hence, they are best stored in longspan shelves.

The main idea behind the longspan shelves is flexibility of storage. Not all items can be stored in pallets. Hence, the dimensions of shelves of pallet racks do not fit well for storing such things. However, longspan racks are different for having flexibility. You can change the shelf height and span and can change dimensions with custom ordering and fitting, so that your items comfortably fit in.

Here, manual labor is most important as the goods with unusual dimension and volume are lifted, placed, and transferred best by manual work and not by forklifts. Yet, if you need you can always use vertical lifts, or conveyor belt systems. etc. That is why longspan racks are especially formulated in design to help you go through the process without extra labor. Work gets smooth while the storage becomes easier with the style and design.

When you are planning to get longspan shelving for your warehouse

You have the right to know that you may demand the following from the manufacturer or supplier based on your requirements:

  • You can ask for shelves in one, two, or three tiers.
  • You may get chutes or conveyor system compatible shelves for easy portability.
  • You can place order for earthquake resistant shelves.
  • Also, place orders for flood and moisture resistant shelves.
  • You can get shelves with perforated steel sheets or panels, grafting, etc.
  • Shelves with other options like wooden or mesh decking is possible other than steel.

Custom design

The best thing about getting longspan shelving is flexibility of design. You can get such flexible custom-made designs in any size and style. Any sized frames, style, beams and panels, altogether makes you build shelves to accommodate a wide range of items of unconventional and of irregular size and volume.

To make it happen, you would however need a consulting body. Storage consultants can help you get an idea of how exactly you should plan your longspan shelves. How much gap is needed in between the bays and how long or short the shelves should be. The girth of beams depending on anticipated load all these can be planned and customized beforehand. Accordingly, the shelf pricing would also differ and can be adjusted as per your budget.

The ideal use of longspan storage systems

Longspan storage systems are best used for storing item by hands. When the items are too bulky, or fragile, or of size, volume or weight, which is not ideally suited for conveyor belts, forklifts, etc. You can store long pipes, batteries, and many such items which otherwise will not get a better storage. These irregulars too long or broad items can be made to fit in customized longspan shelving easily. There are again variations in longspan shelves, and you would certainly find out varieties to suit your exact needs.

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