Kindle Vs. Books – Which one is a better choice for you?

Kindle Vs. Books – Which one is a better choice for you?

You cannot have your cake and eat it. But when it comes to reading, you can. Books have been a comforting constant for many people. Some love the smell of the crisply-bound pages, and hour-long visits to Barnes and Noble have been a blessing for most individuals. 

Research from Pew Research Center in 2019 shows that old-fashioned print books are more popular than e-books. In fact, 67% of Americans read a paperback the previous year, and 39% of people only choose the print. Contrastingly, 29% of readers prefer both formats, and only 7% exclusively prefer to read books digitally.

So between Kindle and books, which one is a better choice for you? To answer the question, we will give some expert’s take on the matter. But unlike a good book, we will ruin the ending for you: there is no real winner here. 

Kindle Changes The Way You Retain Information 

The author of Reader, Maryanne Wolf, says paperbacks slow your mind down. And that allows time for critical thinking to take places that nurtures perspective and empathy. In other words, reading print books will enable you to absorb details that can be useful in academics. 

When you read digitally, the opposite occurs, and that is because you do so at a quicker pace. Wolf says it provokes skimming and multitasking. That is partly why some people sell their paperbacks and buy a digital book instead. It works for them. 

It can also be beneficial if you are perusing emails. But if you take too much time reading books digitally, it can slightly affect how you remember the essential plot details. 

Kindle Or Books: Both Can Affect Your Eye Health

Samuel Pierce, OD, the American Optometric Association (AOA) president, says paperbacks or digital books can be bad for your vision. You cannot adjust a print book’s font size, which can cause eye strain, leading to dry eyes, headaches, and general discomfort. 

With electronic devices, you can zoom in and out, taking care of the eye strain. However, digital devices expose you to blue light that can cause skin cancer and macular degeneration. Aside from that, a 2015 study reveals that the light the screens emit can make falling asleep difficult. 

All these may sound terrifying, but Pierce says you have no reason to worry if you take precautions. You can make use of blue light filters or lenses that decrease it. 


Determining whether Kindle is better than real books is not a black and white situation. E-books are indeed easy to carry around. But for some reason, many people are carrying out paperbacks. 

In the end, the decision is up to you and what you prefer. All you need to worry about is the complications that come with both sides. As long as you are in the clear, you are good to go. 

If you have lots of college books in your house taking extra space, you can always recycle them, trade with others, or sell them online. 

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