Importance Of Promotion Of The Brand And Corporate Culture Of The Company

Importance Of Promotion Of The Brand And Corporate Culture Of The Company

In modern business, it is not enough to create a certain product that is superior to competitors in terms of technical or operational parameters – it is necessary to achieve brand awareness and subconscious acceptance by potential customers. Promotion of a company’s brand and company culture is a set of measures aimed at finding a target audience and creating a positive brand image.


Features of the company’s brand promotion

After the development of the brand, brand promotion activities should be carried out. The task comes down to finding a target audience and informing people about the properties and qualities of a new product or service.


Brand promotion on the market

To successfully promote a product, it is not enough to create a high-quality and interesting product for the buyer. To achieve successful sales, you need not only to convey information about the new product to the target audience, but also to interest it, to create a certain positive image. Brand promotion on the market is an important stage in any business or project, since the demand and willingness of potential customers to purchase the proposed product depends on this.


Brand promotion strategy on the market

As mentioned above, a brand implies the presence of a reputation and a certain image of the company. This simplifies the task of promotion, since there is no need to prove the level of product quality to a potential circle of buyers.


As a rule, brand promotion on the market is required in the following cases:

-New distribution channels. A company may be well known on its own continent, but completely unfamiliar on another. For such purposes, a standard promotion strategy from scratch is used, but with minor adjustments.

-New product direction. Reorientation to the release of a different type of goods forces us to appeal to a different target audience.

-Renewed interest in the company. Even the most famous and best-selling organisations need to be reminded of themselves periodically.


Stages of promotion

In the first stage, the emphasis should be on the advantages, features of the product, and mention the brand’s popularity in other countries. Also, make sure to promote your corporate culture.

The second stage involves a shift in emphasis from the properties of the product to the company itself. An image is being formed in the minds of potential buyers. Methods of black PR, viral advertisements are allowed.


The brand promotion strategy is based on the following criteria:

-the place of the company in the market;

-emphasis on the strengths of the brand (prestige, quality, price, prevalence);

-taking into account the specifics of the region in which the trademark is being presented;

-additional benefits that competitors do not have (extended warranty, service centre or support);

-showing a company’s culture (branded mugs or branded beanbags).


Features of the strategy to improve brand loyalty

All brand promotion strategies describe a fairly long, multi-stage path that allows you to achieve your goal.

In general, this process is based on 7 points, each of which includes a number of issues to be addressed:

  1. Overall strategy: identifies the main branding goals and the methods by which they can be achieved, as well as the main barriers and difficulties that prevent the method from being implemented.
  2. Promotion and selection of the target audience: the sociodemographic and psychological characteristics of potential consumers are analysed.
  3. Positioning: highlighting the main advantages of the brand and the main qualities that distinguish it from competitors. Analysis of the impact of the chosen strategy on the consumer.
  4. Choosing the optimal brand architecture.
  5. Selection of the appropriate assortment and installation of price segmentation.
  6. Selection of priority and additional sales channels.
  7. Promotion and communications: selection of priority and most effective ways of promotion, connection of SEO optimisation of the World Wide Web to the branding process.



A brand is the face of a company, its status in the market, and an indicator of consumer confidence. Behind a popular promoted brand are months or years of painstaking work of the specialists who created it, brought it to the market and gained respect from the target audience.

Promotion of a brand to the market is always a challenge to the best marketers of the company. Not everything is decided due to the high quality or affordable price of the product – it is a matter of a properly planned advertising campaign and popularisation of the brand.

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