How to Take Care of your Customers

It really does not matter what kind of a business you run or how big it; it can be a small restaurant that has been catering to the same neighborhood for decades or it can be a $20 billion corporation with hundreds of thousands of employees and daily income that is in the billions as well – your customers matter. This is, however, much more important for the small businesses and their owners who cannot survive if their customers are not happy. So, how do you keep them happy?

Give Them What They Paid For

At the core of every company-client (customer) relationship is the financial transaction that happens where the client gives money and gets something in return, usually a product or a service. If you fail to provide your customers with what they paid for, there is no way to keep them happy. When we are talking about this, of course we are not talking about just taking someone’s money and running away.

We are talking about the need for your business to be consistent when deliver products and services, acquiring a certain level of professionalism where your customers know who they are dealing with what they are getting.

Acknowledge Their Loyalty

There are customers who will stay with you no matter what happens. They have grown attached to your “brand” and they have invested themselves emotionally in the relationship they have with you. You may have done it yourself with your favorite restaurant or hairdresser, for instance. These are your people. These are customers that are probably already bringing new customers your way. These customers need to know that you appreciate their business and your special relationship.

There are many ways in which you can do this. You can provide them with free products or services from time to time. If you are planning a sale of some kind, make sure to inform them beforehand so they can take advantage of the deals. If your business is celebrating an anniversary or marking some big event, invite them and give them gift cards with your logo on them, loaded with some money. It doesn’t have to be too much.

Treat Them Like People

There is nothing customers hate more than feeling like they are just another number to you, meaning that you only see them as dollar signs which hand over money and line your pockets. Instead, your customers need to feel like you care for them, like you care about what they have to say. They need to feel like people instead of cash cows.

Sending your most loyal customers and clients holiday cards is a great way to begin. This is easier to do if you have fewer clients, but you catch our drift. You can also ensure that your employees know their names and some personal details about them. You can also do a lot of this online, engaging with your customers on social media. This is something even the biggest companies are doing right now and there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

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