How to Organize an Exceptional Webinar

How to Organize an Exceptional Webinar

While many of us started using technology in many spheres of life even before the pandemic, the past year really showed us how many things technology can make easier. From connecting with loved ones to doing our jobs, we can turn to the internet and various devices to stay in the loop.

As many business conferences were canceled or postponed, companies are looking for ways how they can connect with their audience, promote their products and services, and keep educating their employees. Fortunately, webinars are a great way to achieve that goal. However, not every webinar is top-notch and gets the job done. To make the most of this endeavor, here are some tips on organizing an outstanding webinar.

Start by doing plenty of research

For starters, to ensure an exceptional event, you have to do plenty of research. So, begin by scoping out your competition to see if they use webinars and what for. You can even expand your research and see what other kinds of businesses are using this approach and how well it has panned out for them. You can learn a lot about how to approach and organize it as well as understand which elements are necessary for a well-received event.

Pick a clear topic for the webinar

One big part of a successful webinar that you have to decide on in the beginning is the topic for it. In case you are not sure how to pick the right topic, there are several ways how you can go about it. For one, you can consult with your team members to see what they think is a good subject. On the other hand, it’s also a great idea to ask your audience what they want to see from your company. With that in mind, you can have them fill out a survey on your social media channels and see what your followers are interested in. If you can’t decide between two or three options, give them a poll where they can vote. Alternatively, you can let them write in anything they see fit. It’s also important to remember to keep it concise. If you get various suggestions, don’t feel obligated to cram them all into one webinar. Save some ideas for the next webinar as that way you will not overwhelm your viewers and you will encourage them to come back to learn even more.

Decide on the right time

Something else that you should think about is the right time to hold this event. For starters, give yourself enough time to prepare everything. From letting the people know about it to setting up your equipment, this shouldn’t be done at the last minute. Then, in terms of the date and time, it’s best to go for a mid-afternoon slot on a weekday. What is more, you don’t want the webinar to go on forever, so aim for anywhere between half an hour and an hour.

Look for ways to engage your audience

In order for to webinar to attract viewers, you have to get them engaged from the get-go. To accomplish that, you should start by creating a dedicated website or landing page for the event. There, you can give them a short summary of what the event is all about, offer various instructions on how best to use the webinar, give them handouts that will make following and participating easier, and so on. Furthermore, you should also look for a video conferencing platform that will make your webinar interactive and allow your audience to take part. Look for features like file- and screen-sharing, digital whiteboard collaboration, and polls during the livestream.

Make it available for a certain period

Even if you announce it well in advance, some people might still not be able to take part in your webinar in real-time. Whether they are at work or on the road, it’s a great approach to make your webinar available for a certain period of time after it’s over. By allowing replays for a month, let’s say, you can gain a whole new audience. What is more, even those that already watched it live can go back and take notes or go over what was said. Additionally, if you make sharing available, they can even send it around to their colleagues, giving you even more followers.

Remember to promote the event

Lastly, if you want to reach the intended audience and make sure your webinar is a success, you cannot forget to properly promote it. As we mentioned, you should create a webpage for your event. Once you have that, you need to share the link to it on your social media. Then, for example, you can add an event on Facebook and let people confirm their attendance there. If you have a blog, write an article about the webinar and everything that the audience can expect. Don’t forget about email marketing and sending your customers a reminder about the event.


If you think a webinar can help your business thrive, this is absolutely something that you need to do. However, make sure you follow the above-listed tips to make it an exceptional event.

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