How to Buy 3-MMC Crystals Online?

How to Buy 3-MMC Crystals Online?

What is 3-MMC Crystalline?

3-MMC is a potent synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class that has been sold online as a designer drug. 3-MMC is closely related in structure to 3-methoxy methamphetamine (3-MeO-MA), an active metabolite of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA or “ecstasy”). 3-MMC has already been observed to be NPS among the South Korean population. 3-MMC was initially reported on November 2, 2011.[2] The first report came after two teenagers died during the summer of 2011 with ingestion of m-trifluoro methylphenidate (TFMPP). 3-Methylmethcathinone (3-MMC) was initially reported by the Korean National Forensic Service (NFS) on August 3, 2014.[5][6] 3-MMC is not an intended active drug itself; instead, 3-MMC acts as a prodrug to 3-methoxy methamphetamine (3-MeO-MA).[2] 3-MMC was initially detected in connection with smoking mixtures and investigated due to its possible use as a recreational designer drug. 3-MMC has never been documented as being sold on the streets or over the internet before it first appeared in Korea.

  1. Synonym – 3-MMC Crystalline

MMC Crystalline 3-Methyl Eticyclidine 3-methyl methcathinone 3-MMC 3-Methyl Methyl Khat 3-Methylmethcathinone 3-MMC 3MMC 3mmk 3omck

  1. History of the drug – 3-MMC Crystalline

The history of 3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) can be traced back to 1912 when it was first synthesized by the pharmaceutical company Merck in Darmstadt Germany. The drug was patented twice in 1914 and 1915. It took another half-century for MDMA to reemerge as a substance of abuse.

3-MMC, 3-methyl methcathinone is a powerful psychoactive substance. The 3-MMC high experience can be described as a mix between MDMA and cocaine.
How to use 3-MMC Crystalline?

What does 3-MMC do? 3-MMC is known for giving you an extremely euphoric headspace with strong empathogenic effects. 3-MMC also gives users the feeling of superpowers (cocaine analog), with increased energy, concentration, and focus. 3-MMC has stimulated the growth of empathy in people who use 3-MMC including tachycardia (increased heart rate). You may listen to music or dance during your 3-MMC experience which will be greatly enhanced and magnified. 3-MMC has been linked to feelings of empathy, euphoria, and wakefulness. 3-MMC is used as an alternative to 3-MEC (3-methyl methcathinone). 3-MMC has a longer duration than 3-MEC. 3-MMC is known as one of the best drugs on the research chemicals market.

Is it legal? 3-MMC is illegal in some countries, including Japan, Sweden, and Denmark. It may not be legal everywhere you are located but there are generally no problems with importing 3-MMC into most countries within Europe or America for personal use through regular post services without your order being flagged by customs, although 3-MMC is illegal in the UK. 3-MMC is not included on the list of controlled substances under the federal Controlled Substances Act. 3-MMC has been added to California’s list of Schedule I controlled substances as of January 1, 2014.

What are 3-MMC street names? 3-MMC often comes in salt form and can be sold online with labels such as ‘ research chemicals ‘ for legal high purposes, plant food, or bath salts. 3-MMC Crystalline vendors are normally being labeled as “not for human consumption”. Some 3-MMC crystals have been found containing agents that are known to have strong side effects which have caused serious injury to some users via overdose.

Where to buy 3-MMC Crystalline?

3-MMC Crystalline is a chemical that has been getting a lot of attention since 2003! 3-MMC crystalline is really popular and sold out in a few weeks’ time because 3-MMC can make you happy and relaxed. 3-MMC is not for human consumption but it belongs to the research chemical category which means 3-MMC still needs more work before entering the market as a drug.

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3-MMC Crystalline has a lot of health benefits which include: 3-MMC increases neurotransmitter levels in the brain, 3-MMC combats depression and anxiety, 3-MMC can help with muscle growth and weight loss, 3-MMC gives you that euphoric high feeling of relaxation. 3-MMC is often compared to 3-MEC, 3-CMC, and 3-BMC but 3-MMC is considered the best one.

The 3-MMC dosage for beginners starts with 500mg or 750mg while the 3-MMC dosage for experts starts at 1g. When you buy 3-MMC Crystalline online, make sure you are buying from a legit supplier so you can get good results on your research. If it turns out that 3-MMC isn’t just not doing anything then you have no problems returning it back to the vendor!

3-MMC has been tested in lab experiments which show positive signs of being a drug that helps with anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation.


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