How IP Telephone Systems Will Make Remote Working Effective During Covid-19

How IP Telephone Systems Will Make Remote Working Effective During Covid-19

The cases of Covid-19 are increasing day-by-day and the vaccine would seem to take time to arrive. Now, every office is making remote working permanent & to make it work, there should be a seamless connection between the employees and the organization. Every company is looking forward to having a seamless solution. And…

This gap can be reduced by an IP telephone or a VoIP phone as they are better than using the traditional telephone system. Some companies emphasize the traditional phone system for remote working and that is where they make a mistake.

Why IP telephone is a better alternative than traditional phone systems for remote working?

Everyone uses one office phone system

Working from home can be a troublesome task as communicating daily with the team needs a little bit of effort. A remote office phone system is designed to help remote employees. With an IP telephone system, call forwarding keeps the team connected even from your home.

Unmatched Voice conferencing

Communication is a core thing during the remote working and it can be a difference between a successful and unsuccessful organization. With P telephone systems, there won’t be any call drop and the whole team can join on a single without waiting on a call to connect. There is no dependency on the physical location as the data is transferred over the broadband connection.

IP telephone systems are easier to scale

Scalability is a major thing why the IP telephone system is better than traditional phone systems. They only rely on the internet connection, which means you can have various lines from the same number. If you have international clients, then this makes your brand accessible across the world.

More advanced features than a traditional phone system

There are lots of features in an IP telephone system that comes handy during remote working. They have voicemail forwarding when an employee is not able to answer a call, this feature helps to forward the message to your teammate. If you have lots of calls at the same time, then there is automatic queuing this feature lowers the chance of callers hanging up the call.

Companies having an excess of traditional phone systems… Solution?

When the companies are shifting towards remote work, there is a huge possibility of the excess of phone systems that are now useless. What’s best is to sell your used telephone equipment, yes, it’s a perfect option and gets its value in return. There are various companies that can buy excess telecom equipment. As a company, you are looking to get maximum cash for your used telephone equipment. These telephone recycling companies provide a fair return on your traditional phone systems that are useless now during Covid-19. Your company’s data would be safe during the recycling process of telephone equipment. Your data would be handling over to you after the recycling is completed. During Covid-19, telecom recycling companies are doing their part by staying up and working 24×7, helping companies to sell their excess old telephone systems.


Due to corona virus, many businesses are suffering but that doesn’t mean that your business has to stop. With a proper remote working plan, there could be no loss of business & using the IP telephone system to stay connected with employees can make a difference. Remote working with IP telephone system till corona virus is over is essential.

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