How Best to be Saving Money

How Best to be Saving Money

Is it worth all the hype, all the time and effort it takes to install one and then still remember codes or access keycards? What am I talking about? A safe, a vault, a lock, and a key or combo box that hides and holds all your valuables in the home. Or if you’re even richer, then an offsite locker type option where a suited gentleman opens and closes the access doors for you.

Should we be housing stacks of cash, printed bills with faces of dead presidents’ embedded into the currency fonts and values? Or storing jewels too heavy and too shiny to wear at any appropriate occasion other than that of a royal wedding of sorts? So how do we protect and save for our upcoming years?

Most people tend to think the best option is to occur assets in the form of properties, while this may be all good and well, the last recession and housing crash didn’t end up so well for those with 2 or more homes am I right? Times were tough for a long while and still are for most.

So, opting for an asset that is not only of high liquidity value, but that is rare enough to keep its market value through all these ups and downs of trades and sales and deals. What do I mean? Precious metals. Silver. Gold.

Where do we find or get gold?

Gold can be found almost all over the world, on practically every continent, but 2 main players rule the take. These being Africa and India. Johannesburg, in South Africa, is built on one of the world’s largest gold concentrations whilst India is the second deepest underground gold mine.

We have seen throughout the findings in history that this element has long been a part of our lives, dating back to as early as the Egyptians era if not before. Mostly used for their accessories and adornments, the more extravagant the ensemble, the higher up in the social society and royalty you were portrayed.

It was once stated that the Pharaoh of Egypt claimed there was more gold than dirt in its lands, and although not completely verified, archaeological results seem to be putting truths to these claims.

So you’ve had kids, the family is going well and memories are being made, but it doesn’t all just stop there. We need to be sure that they are looked after in more ways than one, not only right now and not only physically, but financially and in their futures.

We need to have a plan in place, a security should anything happen to you or your spouse, and investing is a great way to ensure they are taken care of in the event of an unfortunate situation.

You need to be one step ahead of the game, at the front of the pack when it comes to smart decision making and have your eyes on the prize, and perhaps the next one too, at all times. Be sure that saving for your future starts now, and starts well. Gold has always been an invaluable and constant asset and investment and can be that haven when you need it.

3 basic Things to look for when buying gold

  • Ownership. Buying a physical piece of gold feels good, make sure that the company you are buying from can in no way obtain it at a later stage. You must ensure you own it outright, they can’t hedge or pledge it. Yours alone.
  • Access and amount. Have smaller denominations when it comes to having your gold, and even more so having it nearby and on hand to have quick and easy access if need be. It won’t be as easy trying to flog a gold brick when the time comes.
  • No credit, no need. Do not buy with the money you don’t have, if you have a lump sum or savings rather use those. Markets crash and fluctuate, don’t make an unnecessary headache.

There are many more factors and more detailed reasons and explanations that you should read about if you click here, and be sure to take your time when deciding to invest. Talk to professionals and look at all factors, pros and cons and most importantly, budget and needs.

Go for gold as they say, or go home.

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