How 3D Printing is Complementing the Refrigeration Design Process

How 3D Printing is Complementing the Refrigeration Design Process

3D Printing is getting immense popularity in various industries because of its tremendous applications in creating functional 3d Designs. Multiple organizations dealing in production and development understand the value of 3D Printing technology and its applications. One such industry is refrigerators designing and development, where 3D printing technology is offering several advantages over traditional methods. Manufacturers are using this printing technology to create 3D models for their clients. In this article, We will see how advanced 3D Printing technology is shaping the refrigeration design process.

How Is 3D Printing Technology used in Refrigeration Design Process?

The Printing technology is being used in the initial stage of the design process. One of the largest refrigerator manufacturing companies, stellar uses 3d printing technology during the initial phase of the designing process. They use Computer-aided design software to create the designs and then mold these designs using the 3D printers available. Generally, they make some specific Forskid-mounted refrigeration systems and refrigerators machine rooms. 

After this, these designs are carried out in a solid 3D model using the MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printers. Every single detailing of the Model is being carried out. Every single piece of the Model is printed according to standard stellar piping colors and then combined to bring a perfect model in front of the client.

Every industry has its strategy to create the 3D Model. A stellar, they produce three different models that are:

  • Client
  • Stellar Design
  • Manufacturer

After this, clients or fabricators can provide their input based on various factors such as shape, size, connectivity, or other common issues during the construction process of the actual Model. These issues can be:

  • Clearance
  • Pipe routing
  • Connections

Advantages of Using 3D Printing in Refrigeration Design Process

There are several advantages of using 3D printing technology in refrigeration design. We will discuss below some of them:

  • Physical models help to understand the shape and size better
  • A better way to present designs to clients
  • Useful for both fabricators and builders
  • Better revision process between clients and builders
  • Easy feedback 

As we all know, 3D printing technology has applications in every industry today. Many organizations and enterprises accept this technology to amplify their manufacturing process to provide effective results. The refrigeration design process is also one such industry that has been implementing the application of 3D printing technology successfully and availing multiple benefits. We have discussed how 3D printing technology is being used in this industry and benefits both clients and manufacturers.

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