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Hot Gas Water Heater – An Innovative Home Improvement Appliance

Hot Gas Water Repair Service

Most of the people around the world are familiar with the electric tank storage water heaters and only a few know about the more cost-effective and reliant Hot Gas Water Heater. It works on a principle of tankless heaters. Not only they are cost-effective but conserve a lot of energy as compared to conventional water heaters. Due to the tank-less feature incorporated in the heaters, no energy is wasted in preheating and storing large quantities of water even when you do not need to use that much quantity in one go. Hot Gas Water Heaters provide an instantaneous flow of hot water as per the demand; moreover, you do not need to wait for the water to get hot to be used.

Hot Gas Water Heater

Hot Gas Water Heater

How does a Hot Gas Water Heater Works?

These heaters are equipped with sensors that detect the flow of water whenever any hot water tap is operated. The heater is equipped with a gas burner which fires instantly and warms up the flowing water. Moreover, as soon as the hot water tap or the faucet is turned off, the water flow stops and the ignition also turns off automatically without any wastage of energy. The latest version of the Hot Gas Water Heaters comes equipped with automatic electric ignitions which are helpful in saving energy furthermore.

Moreover, if we talk about the latest technological innovations in the Hot Gas Water Heater, they come equipped with an Electronic Control Unit which is capable of controlling all the functions of the water heater such as the temperature control, gas flow, and ignition. It also keeps a keen eye on the safety aspect by the incorporation of flame sensors and automatically cut-offs as and when required.

Advantages of buying a Hot Gas Water Heater:

  • Energy Efficiency: They are much more energy and cost efficient when compared to the conventional geysers. It heats up water when and only the hot water taps/faucets are used. On the other hand, in conventional water heaters, the large quantities of water are stored in a tank which needs to be preheated before use, moreover, it requires energy to heat up the whole huge quantity even if the same quantity is not required for use. A gas water heater is expensive than the regular geysers, but they are surely going to cut down a lot on the electricity bills as well as save a lot of unnecessarily used energy.
  • Space Effective: The conventional water heaters take up a lot of space due to the requirement of an inbuilt water tank, whereas the gas heaters are compact in size and save you a lot of space.
Hot Gas Water Repair Service

Hot Gas Water Repair Service

  • Longevity: The gas water heaters are long lasting as compared to the conventional water heaters. An average lifespan of a gas water heater is 20 years, whereas a conventional geysers last for 15 years.
  • Value for Money: If we talk about the payback, obviously a gas operated water heater is much more efficient as compared to a conventional electric water heater in the long run. Moreover, saving a bit of money initially might not be a good idea as the gas water heaters can actually low down your carbon footprint and contribute your bit towards a better environment.

If you too are considering to buying a gas water heater for your home, a Hot Gas Water Heater might be the best-suited option for you as explained by the above-mentioned points. However, research well before going further for a purchase and always have a look at the warranty card before selecting a model.

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