Home prep for rainy season

Home prep for rainy season

Let’s not beat around the bush here – fixing up, and maintaining your home, is expensive. No matter how awesome it is to own your own home, it doesn’t come cheap. It stands to reason, then, that you want to save up money wherever you can, without sacrificing quality or jeopardizing your home. Luckily for you, proper home preparation is just the thing you have to do.

Namely, rainy seasons can take a toll on any home. A strong rainy season carries with it a risk of leaking, even damage to your foundation. And of course, leaks themselves can be absolutely catastrophic if they come into contact with appliances, all caused by a flood. So, if you want to know how best to prepare your home for the rainy season, read on to find out.

Search for leaks

The first thing you should do is check if there are any signs of leaking in your home. If you fix a leak early on, you can avoid issues like mould or mildew. Even if you leave a small leak unattended, all you need for a flood to happen is one single heavy thunderstorm.

We suggest you check for water marks, or any peeling paint. Go outside and observe your roof, see if there are any cracks at the ridges. Are there any missing shingles, or perhaps shingles that have been curled or severely damaged?

Fix up your gutters

You need to clean your gutters regularly anyway, but this is especially important during rainy seasons. Namely, the purpose of gutters is that they catch rainfall and keep it away from your foundations. However, if said gutters are filled with ice, trash, and all other sorts of debris, they won’t really be able to do their job. They can overflood, leading to water seeping into your foundations and all around your roof, or they can simply crack, meaning you will have to get new ones soon.

Have your basement inspected

This is where the professionals come in. While we do advise you get experts to inspect your home in general, you can make duo if you know what you are doing as far as the rest of the house is concerned. However, when it comes to basements, you need to call in an expert. Any water that has seeped in, or any sign of small flooding or sinking, needs to be dealt with immediately.

Now, if water has reached any of your appliances, do not mess with them in any capacity. Rather, contact the professionals, have expert heating repairs done, have professionals inspect your washing machine, take your laptop to a good service shop….

Seal your windows and doors

Your roof is not the only place through which water can come in. Namely, your windows and doors are also likely culprits. This is especially true if the storm you are facing has strong winds that push the rain sideways, directly onto the sides of your home. So, you need to do a couple of things. Check if your doors and windows are completely sealed. Be thorough, even the smallest amount of leeway can cause serious issues. Furthermore, this will also make everything more energy efficient, since you will be losing less heat during cold periods.


And there you have it folks, a way to get ready for those difficult rainy seasons. With some elbow grease, some focus, and just investing the right amount of time and energy, you can keep your home safe and sound. Remember to have your basement inspected, your windows and doors checked, and your gutters cleaned. Check if there are any leaks or drafts already, and you should be good to go.

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