5 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

5 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Let us have a look at the surefire and smartest ways regarding how to grow your Instagram followers. No doubt, this platform is a well-loved and highly used social media outlet.

If you have got a larger Instagram following, it means more profits and money will come into your account.

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1- Like Photos Which Are Relevant to Your Instagram Profile Niche

You can grow your free Instagram followers by liking all those photos which are relevant to your Instagram profile niche.

You can grow your Instagram followers by liking all those photos which are relevant to your Instagram profile niche.

You can spend some time by liking other people’s photos and posts which are somewhat related and linked to your niche.

Furthermore, you can go through someone else Instagram account, if their posts and photos are related to your niche and target market, then you can give a like to those photos. This is an authentic and not a spam way to amplify your followers.

2- Regularly post Instagram stories

5 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Even more, you can make a habit of regularly posting Instagram stories. More you will interact with your users, better it will be for your account.

No doubt, it is these Instagram Stories which are rapidly and immensely growing in terms of popularity. They are a sure and smart way to increase the number of your followers.

A large number of uses love watching Stories, these IG stories offer an endless “scroll”. It let your users to get deeply involved into your account.

3- Cross Promote Your Instagram Account

You can cross promote your Instagram profile account on other social media platforms.

As an example, if you have got your own blog or you have your own personal Facebook and Twitter account, then you can share your Instagram content on these platforms too. This will encourage other people and users to follow you on Instagram.

4- Run a contest or go for collaboration

5 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Running a contest or going for collaboration may help you to grow the number of your followers. With respect to running a contest, you can fully engage the users.

Ask them to take part in the contest and get a free give away.

In addition to, you can go for a loop giveaway upon collaborating with other Instagrammers. Only think outside of the box and try as many ways to multiply the number of IG followers.

Besides, you can ask another Instagrammer which is related to your niche to come as a guest contributor on your account for a day.

5- Creating most exciting hashtags

Lastly, create as many interesting and most exciting hashtags and get organic followers on your account. After creating a hashtag, make sure to encourage and motivate other users to use and share them up as well.

This is how you can make and build up a great and ideal Instagram community for your account. Think of that kind of unique hashtag which is not already being used.

And if your hashtag comes with a specific purpose, then you never know it might draw more and more organic followers for you.


So, what’s the bottom line? Try out these ways and share with us how much amplifying number of Instagram followers you got for your account! This world of Instagram is just endless.

It looks unlimited and infinite in terms of excitement and entertainment scale. Explore it, master it and think of different ways to keep on expanding and multiplying your followers number.

Easier to follow tips relevant to increasing and multiplying followers on your Instagram profile are coming up, so do stay tuned with us.

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