Four Reasons Why the White Card Course is Important

Four Reasons Why the White Card Course is Important

Jobs in the construction industry include some special requirements. You will probably be asked to obtain a White Card. This furthermore requires a White Card training. Let’s explain first what all of this means. If you want to work in the construction industry in Australia, you will have to acquire this card that will serve as proof of you have gone through all the necessary training that is mostly related to security issues. We can conclude that the White Card isn’t a mere bureaucratic thing that makes you suitable for the construction industry. It is much more than that. It is actually so important that if you don’t have one, you won’t be allowed on the construction site. Let’s explain how you can get a White Card and what the training looks like.

To get a White Card you must be at least 14 years old and you have to pass through a general construction induction training with a Registered Training Organisation. You also have to provide the trainer with 100 points of ID. Good literacy and numeracy are very important additional skills. When the training is completed, your application for the card will be submitted. In the meantime, you get a statement of training which is valid for 60 days until your White Card is issued. We advise you to have your training face-to-face although there are companies that offer online training. The point of the course is to simulate the working environment on the construction site and online training doesn’t meet that criterion.

Also, make sure your preferred RTO is accredited so your training statement will be accredited as well. Be focused and prepared because the most important thing is that you actually learn something and the certificate is secondary. Let’s go through the four main reasons why the White Card issuance is important for you.


It gives you better employment opportunities

If you think about it, the majority of employers will look for people with the best qualifications possible. Having a White Card will automatically open some doors for you. This is a basic and crucial step in the industry. You might be lucky and encounter an employer who is willing to hire you without this, but the chances are low, so prepare yourself and make sure you enroll in the necessary training before stepping into the construction industry. Other than making you suitable for employment in this sphere, it also allows you to choose between the variety of jobs within it. The training, as we mentioned, is not a formality, but it guarantees you know and understand the protocols and the security measures that need to be followed on the site.


It makes you aware of the safety measures

Jobs related to construction come with a myriad of possible risks. First, you should know which one of them might happen in which situation, and then you can learn how to act in these situations. This is essential since not reacting accordingly can cause serious problems on the site, among others, severe injuries. Safety is the most important thing and that is what you should first learn at any White Card course. Acquiring the right attitude when it comes to safety is an excellent preventative measure and will make you more careful on the site. Being more careful will furthermore make you better at what you do. After you’ve completed the training you will be given a mental checklist of the safety instructions to follow which will inspire you to report the hazards on time or to act in order to prevent them at work.


It is a good entrance to your future working environment

Maybe you were a sedentary person who worked in the office, in some big corporation. Changing the environment from an office to a construction site can be stressful and you might need a period of adaptation first. While working in the office might become predictable after a while, working on a construction site can always bring something new. There are days when some different situations happen and you are challenged to solve them. The very beginning of your work will be challenging since a new construction site will be an unfamiliar place and you will have to address different concerns day after day. Not everything will be difficult and cause you problems though. Just bear in mind that it is something new and that it will take a while to get adjusted.

White Card courses give you some sort of pre-experience since they simulate a real on-site environment and that way it takes away the pressure and stress.


Working across the country can be an exciting experience

Construction business usually means that you will work with clients from different states, so this is one more reason to get a White Card. This way you will be able to do the work across the country without having to pass through any other safety training course. This is a good investment for the future because you only do the course once and you have it prepared for all the future projects. Bear in mind that if you don’t do anything related to construction within two years, your White Card will become null. Otherwise, enjoy the job that is highly dynamic and explore the regions you might not be able to explore if you worked in the office.

Now that you know how to apply for a White Card and how to have it issued, you can think furthermore about the possibility of initiating some new projects related to construction work. Think if it suits you and weigh down the pros and cons. It will most certainly give you a chance to access more job opportunities and also teach you about the safety standards in this kind of work environment. If you’re tired of sedentary jobs and you have some knowledge about construction that can be made practical, then this might be a good chance to perfect your skills and meet new people and places along the way.

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