For Inspiration Seekers: 10 Activities to Try if You Want to Get Fresh Ideas

For Inspiration Seekers: 10 Activities to Try if You Want to Get Fresh Ideas

Those who need to come up with creative ideas often feel under pressure to do so. Being creative may come naturally at times, and other times it can feel like pulling teeth. People stuck when it comes to new ideas can try the ten activities below to refresh their brains and get the juices flowing again.

One: Try a New Method

Those who are stuck when it comes to inspiration may want to try a new method of brainstorming. For example, toss the paper notes and instead go digital. There are digital notebooks available that allow users to handwrite their ideas, scan a barcode, and have their work show up digitally on their smart device. A change may be all that is needed to bring out new ideas.

Two: Go For a Hike

This may sound the opposite of being productive, but it can be a good idea to take a break and get outdoors when trying to get fresh ideas. Set aside time to leave the office and go for a hike. Fresh air, sunshine, and nature may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to whipping up some fresh ideas.

Three: Observe Others

Those looking for inspiration may need to get out of their own head and into the heads of others. Go to the mall, the park, or even for a ride on public transportation. Observe and eavesdrop on others of all ages, genders, and nationalities. This can help people get out of their own heads and get over a mental barrier blocking their inspiration.

Four: Workout the New Ideas

A little physical activity can go a long way in terms of inspiration. Take a break from brainstorming and get that heart pumping. Go for a jog, a run, ride a bike, or even dance. Physical activity is known to get the creative juices flowing.

Five: Attempt to Nap

How many times does a person lay down at night, and suddenly their mind is racing? Way too many! When one is stuck in terms of creativity, an attempt at napping could work. The mind may turn on and churn out new ideas.

Six: Watch a TED Talk

TED Talks are famous for inspiring those who watch them. The next time one is seeking inspiration, turn on a TED Talk. These talks are known to be powerful yet short. Many talks can also be streamed through audio apps.

Seven: Go Out to Lunch

The harder a person tries to come up with a great idea, the more they feel like they have none in their head. Instead of staying stuck, go out to lunch with a friend. Everyone deserves a break, everyone needs to eat, and going out to lunch may reset the mind and bring on creativity.

Eight: View the Sky

Many people do not take time daily to enjoy the natural beauty of the sky. Next time inspiration is needed, go outside. Watch a sunrise, a sunset, view clouds, or even layout under the stars.

Nine: Read Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes have the word inspiration right in the title. They are meant to inspire people, and they can do just that. The next time the ideas won’t come, spend some time browsing quotes on the internet for inspiration.

Ten: Take a Shower

Many times a person who is focused on work does not take the time they need for themselves. Especially for those who work from home, they may be skipping taking care of their basic needs. Stuck when it comes to inspiration? Take a shower and come out feeling clean, fresh, energized, and perhaps even more creative.

In conclusion, even people who are creative by nature may find themselves stuck without the inspiration to move forward on their projects. The ten ideas above are great for getting the juices flowing again. Try out a few and see how well they work!

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