Essential Tips to Write a 2-Week Notice Letter in 2022

Essential Tips to Write a 2-Week Notice Letter in 2022

Many professionals are planning to switch their jobs in 2022. A report by GoRemotely says that only 14% of the workforce globally are satisfied with their jobs and do not want to change their position.

Apart from that, everyone has an intention to switch jobs in a corner of their mind. If you are also one of those professionals, You will need to crack an interview first.

After that, you can write a 2 week notice letter to your current employer stating your intentions professionally and leave on a good note.

We are showcasing some effective guidelines to frame an impeccable notice letter for your next job switch in 2022:

Write Your Letter in a Professional Format

Choosing a professional letter format is the first thing you need to do before you start writing. Here are the essential elements of a professional notice letter that you can use:

  • Name of the addressing person
  • Designation of that person
  • Company name and complete address
  • Date of your letter
  • Date of your leaving the company
  • Letter body
  • Your signature at the end

Keep Your Letter Short

We recommend you not to add any unnecessary things to your notice letter. Kindly state your intentions and show some gratitude at the end.

Moreover, you can also use easy-to-read language while writing your notice letter in simple fonts like Arial or Times New Roman for a professional outlook.

Be Positive While Writing

Always keep a positive tone while writing your notice letter. We suggest you not say anything bad about your employer, colleagues, or current company.

Try to leave the company on healthy terms as you do not know when you need them again in the future.

Proofread Twice Before Sending

Proofreading is essential when you are writing an official document. Hence, we advise you to proofread your notice letter with a focused mind after completing it.

Showcase Your Next Steps Briefly

You can mention your next steps at the end of your notice letter. You can write that you will perform like always till your last day in the company and will hand over every essential information to your replacement at the company.

Sign Off Elegantly

You can end the notice letter with a thanking note and your full name. Try to showcase courtesy towards your current employer to maintain healthy relations.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways of this guide to help you craft a professional notice letter in 2022:

  • Use a professional format to write your 2 week notice letter
  • Use easy-to-read-language and be to the point while writing your letter
  • Keep a positive tone and do not say anything bad about the company or people working there
  • Proofread properly before sending it to HR or any other authorized person in the company
  • Mention your next steps with a thanking note to maintain good relations
  • Sign off and send it to your HR for approval

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