Essential Phases Of Construction Project Management

Essential Phases Of Construction Project Management

When you run a construction company, there is a lot of physical work that goes on during the project. But leaving the physical work aside, there is a lot of mental work and preparation that goes on before starting the project officially. These plannings have to be made in a very precise and formal way so that the process of the construction goes on smoothly and it does not affect the overall outcome of the planning and the desired outcome may be achieved. These outcomes are processed through a series of processes done by construction quality management software through which the process gets even easier. In this article, we will discuss the essential phases of construction project management.

  1. Initial Phase Planning:

When the project is planned or is initialized, the first thing that is done is initial phase planning. This planning is done to savor the things and requirements that are pre-set before starting the development phase. This process of construction project management is done at the initial level so that a foundation can be laid over which decisions and planning could be done. Hence this process is a very important phase as over this only, everything is done.

  1. Planning And Designing:

After the process of the initial phase is done, there is a phase in which the actual design of the project is made and things to do and what not to do are decided in this phase of construction management. The designing and planning phase of the cycle of construction management is when everything that is pre-decided starts happening in the real life. Hence it is also one of the initial phases where things are still not coming to the place.

  1. Virtual Simulation Of The Idea:

When the initial 2 phases of the construction management are completed, there is this phase where the idea that you thought of comes in the virtual reality. Various simulation applications are used to simulate the idea before it happens in the real world. These simulations which are virtual lead to an indirect idea of how the project will look like and what would be the challenges that might come in between the process.

  1. Pre Construction Phase:

The first three phases of the construction project management are the phases in which things are not happening in real life. These were just planning, designing, and virtual simulation of the idea that was there in the mind of the builder. But in the pre-construction phase, things start to happen in real life and the foundation for construction and planning is happening in the real world.

  1. Final Construction Phase:

The final and the most important phase of construction is the phase where construction starts to happen. In this phase, the raw material is done ready and most of the required material to construct the desired building is ready and the work gets started. Finally, the construction starts and some things start to happen, like seeing the foundation being laid in real life and the actual construction of the building over it.

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