Earn More Green by Going Green

What if I was to tell you that there are ways to keep your business green andsave some money? Lucrative right? Clear conscience is even easier to achieve if there is a financial reason behind it, in addition. For your business to thrive, you need to stand out, and going eco-friendly certainly is a way towards making progress. Moreover, our planet has never been in need of saving as it is now, and saving Earth means, quite logically, literally saving our very own selves. So, we’ve gathered a couple of tips on the easiest ways to squeeze in some green into this gray, murky world.

Everything’s Reusable

From the no longer functioning computer hardware, to discarded water bottles, everything is prone to recycling. Many electronic recyclers offer complete, certified data removal, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your business ideas safe. Most of these companies also offer significantly more awarding choices (both morally and financially) to simply throwing no-longer-used goods away. Sing up for recycling deals and never again send your used paper, bottles, cups to waste, but rather have them recycled and extend their lifetime and usefulness.

Renewable Energy

Yes, solar panels are expensive, and the number of wind turbines needed installed in order to support your business’s needs is equivalent to much less investment in terms of “dirty energy”. However, government agencies have found a solution to this by offering tax breaks and installation discounts. At the very least, you’ll end up spending approximately the same amount of finances, long term. So don’t hesitate to go green, energy-wise. Hey, those solar panels do look elegant, wouldn’t you agree?

Digital is Standard

As each day passes by, the need to use paper is dwindling. Not only is it easier to store documents inside virtual folders, but this way of keeping records obviously takes up much less space. Try and refrain from faxing people and send them emails instead. This way of communication is not only easier and less time consuming, but it cuts down the electrical bill. So save the trees and send those fax machines to be recycled, given that there’s no reason for still sticking to this medieval way of electronic communication.

Illuminate the Green

Compact-fluorescent (CFL) and LED lights are, admittedly, more pricey than their alternatives, but fret not, for these babies last more than somewhat longer, while utilizing much less energy. A great way to spike your finance chart long term, LED and CFL bulb have been known to save as much as $200 per piece. These are also way less lucrative to insects and influence the rise in temperature significantly less than your average lightbulb.

Green Vehicles

Opt for alternative fuel vehicles. Store yourself using electric fuel forklifts and keep your storage green in that way. Paying your employees for public transportation is a nice way of bringing down the emissions. If you are employing a minibus to take your people to-and-fro work, make sure you’re using a hybrid or at least an alternative fuel vehicle. Encourage them to use bikes, by installing shower and changing rooms into your facilities, as these are not only eco-friendly, but provide a great workout for those living in proximity to their office. The great thing about all of these examples is that, ultimately, they all save you quite a sum of money.

Listen to Your Employees

No matter how big the amount of people you employ, make sure that they all get a chance to speak up. Organize eco-friendly seminars, or feel free to go even more out of your way and schedule monthly discussions about this issue. While as a business owner, you get to see the bigger picture, there is no time to dedicate yourself to details, and this is where your employees can pay their tribute to our planet. If nothing, this provides a great way to bond with your workers and provide a face for their mental pictures of the company they work for.

So wait no longer, and spend some time thinking about a greener approach to the legacy that is your business. Analyze your needs and find space to go eco-friendly. Slowly push the toxic emissions out of the picture, by opting for innovative, modern technologies that will help make this world a better and safer place.


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