Deadliest Marketing Sins

It is said that the smart one is learning from others’ mistakes. When it comes to business and marketing, many mistakes have been made, and thus quite lot can be learned. Here I will list seven sins you must not commit, if you wish to succeed, and your work will flourish. Read on, and if you find yourself in any of these situations, be swift to rectify that.


Although this primarily concerns the lust of the body, there are various types of lust. Of course you are forbidden to take advantage and blackmail men and women in a desperate situation, to quench thirst, this is simply immoral. How can you see clearly what are your goals, when your vision is blurred with lust for physical contact? Cold, sober thinking is only one acceptable in business world, if you are trying to make a mark. On the other hand, when people are spending time together, it is normal that some “chemistry” is at work, but be sure that it is by moral code.


There is no worst thing to see than a CEO of a large company which sweeps out the whole table during business dinner, and the only thing he thinks about is food. There are people who are a bit larger than the rest, but there are those who drown themselves in food, and exaggerate. If you find time in your busy schedule for workout, you will benefit greatly. It will boost up image about you, for people who take care about themselves, also look upon other things. Those things are tightly connected, so if you wish to improve your business, improve yourself.


If you have entered certain niche just because of the money, you won’t last long, I can guarantee you that. Too many times I have seen brilliant people falling into this trap. Sometimes, certain work you perform can be paid less, and this is not often a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong, you need to earn money, but not at all costs. Satisfied customers are your primary concerns, and if you wish to counter greed, you must have patience. Nothing comes during night, you need to slowly build name for yourself. Which one would you prefer, greedy, or a customer-friendly? I think the answer is clear.


Never postpone your obligations. Ever. Anything you could do, do it right now. Or better, do your business before scheduled timeline. This will show your dedication and devotion, and that is something quite transparent and visible. And if a customer of yours has a request, do what he desires, and a bit more. It won’t cost you much, but you will eventually make a name for yourself as one who is truly caring. There are not much companies like this, so make sure you are one of those.


Never show anger emotion. This is a sign of non-professional behaviour, and leaves bad mark. Stay still as an undisturbed lake, no matter what happens. This is maybe one of the most difficult things to do, but hard work bears rich fruits. Don’t get angered at your employees, for if you do, in time they will lose trust in you, so will either leave you, or will be scared to say what they are thinking. Too many ideas have been wasted this way.


Have you felt jealous at the competition? If you keep thinking how the others are successful, while you are not, you won’t last long at the market. By focusing on others, you will lose from sight the things which concern you, and it is clear that in time, problems will only pile up, until you reach critical level, and you are unable to solve them all. Good, healthy competition is advisable, but only if it is in borders of normal. You wish to be the best? That’s fine, you will, but don’t look after others, look for yourself.


It is said that man is the worst enemy to himself. This is true, and quite often I see people on higher positions missing the opportunity to ask for help, while it is clear that they have a problem. Out of fear to be seen as weak, people do this. Others think that they are sufficient to themselves and fail to see that they are not. Your advertising campaign got stuck? Hire marketing merchandise professional. You lack ideas? Call up a meeting, and listen to your co-workers, something creative will pop up.

With everything in mind, it seems quite difficult to handle all of these issues. In fact, it is not. Simply keep an open mind, and you will see how fast many roads to success will open up for you.


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