Best SIP Trunking Providers in 2022

Best SIP Trunking Providers in 2022

SIP Trunking’s success in helping SMBs, SMEs, and large-scale firms and corporations improve their business communications has made the market worth more than $10 billion today.

This article has all of the information you want regarding the finest SIP Trunking services available today, as well as some additional information that may assist you in better understanding the idea.

What is SIP Trunking?

The virtual counterpart of a regular business phone line is SIP trunking (Session Initiation Protocol). A SIP trunk uses your internet connection to create a virtual connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The term “trunking” may be traced all the way back to the beginning of telephone service. A trunk was a large number of telephone subscribers’ common communication channel. SIP is one of the protocols that allows VoIP services to operate.

A SIP trunk substitutes physical connections with virtual connections over your current IP networks, whereas conventional phones require actual lines and circuits to connect to the PSTN. SIP merges voice, video data, and internet services into a single line since information is transferred through the internet rather than landline telephone lines.

How Does SIP Trunking Work?

SIP trunking replaces traditional phone lines by delivering telephone and Unified Communications services over an existing IP network. By connecting to a suitable hosted PBX system through a SIP trunk, VoIP users can make calls directly to any phone on the PSTN without using telephone lines.

The SIP provider, a phone system with a trunk side, and a border component to facilitate the connectivity between your company network and the PSTN or external IP carrier network are the only three components necessary to operate a SIP trunk.

Your SIP Trunking provider normally manages these border elements, which might be a firewall or a switch. Any company may dramatically increase its telecommunications reach with only these three essential things. The installation of an existing IP-PBX will only make the procedure easier.

Best 5 SIP Trunking Providers in 2022:

Without further hesitation, here is a list of the top 5 SIP trunking providers review for organizations seeking low prices paired with high-quality service:


Twilio is a supplier of business communication solutions started on March 13, 2008 by Jeff Lawson, Evan Cooke, and John Wolthuis. Their purpose is to provide organizations with virtual communication platforms, such as VoIP.

Twilio’s SIP Trunking solution is one of its many VoIP services. It provides a comprehensive collection of capabilities to help you build a scalable company communication system that works effortlessly.

Through self-service choices and novel cloud capabilities, Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking allows you to be more agile in establishing your corporate communication infrastructure. All of this comes with an infinite capacity for holding your SIP channels.


Twilio is a pay-as-you-go service. Prices for local phone numbers begin at $0.0045 per minute and rise to $0.0180 per minute for toll-free lines. Twilio provides a variety of payment options, which may be appealing to businesses with varying amounts of consumption.


AT&T’s SIP trunking plans might be an ideal alternative if you want a SIP trunking solution from a well-known countrywide supplier. They provide a choice of programs to meet the demands of various businesses. With a per-minute fee, Calling Plan A provides unlimited on-net calling between VoIP-enabled sites.

AT&T also offers E911 calling as part of its local and long-distance plans, as well as local and long-distance packages that include 300 minutes of outbound U.S. off-net calling per concurrent call. Businesses may save money while scaling their business phone services thanks to their consolidated call delivery technology.


AT&T charges per the minute for SIP trunking services. To chat with one of their professionals, you must first complete out a contact form.


Venky Balasubramanian and Michael Ricordeau launched Plivo in 2012 with the intention of creating an open-source telephone project.

Plivo is now an enterprise-grade communications platform that provides premium carrier network services, as well as voice and messaging solutions, with access to over 190 countries.

Plivo, dubbed “Zentrunk,” offers high-quality SIP trunking services that are created and optimized to work with current network infrastructure, allowing you to connect to typical soft switches and IP PBXs.


Plivo’s Zentrunk pricing is based on a Pay-As-You-Go model, with fees dependent on your operating region and the type of phone number you want to use.

As you expand your communication system, you will also benefit from bulk reductions.


Do you want to develop your business while saving money? By incorporating SIP trunks into your existing PBX equipment and deploying them instantly in the cloud, Nextiva helps you to reduce your company’s communication expenditures. You’ll be able to switch your existing phone system to VoIP-based solutions in no time.

Nextiva also provides all-inclusive pricing, removing the fees of per-minute or per-trunk charges. Nextiva offers a simple and dependable solution that links your PBX system straight to the cloud, allowing you to maintain existing PBX equipment while lowering your voice operations costs.


There are two SIP trunking plans available from Nextiva. Their metered plan is $14.95 a month plus $0.008 per minute. The unmetered package has unlimited calling for $24.95 per month. All Nextiva SIP trunking functions are included in both plans.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to overall scalability, feature set, and cost-effective corporate communications solutions, using VoIP with a hosted PBX is an excellent alternative if you don’t already have a company phone system.

Integration of SIP trunking will be one of the finest decisions for your corporate communications whether you have an existing on-site PBX system or legacy telephone lines.

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