Best Shoes For Hiking 

Best Shoes For Hiking 

Life is busy, and it is tiring. When a person wakes up every day only to go to his work, do his everyday tasks and then come home only to sleep at night, this daily grind makes them dull and dry. Further, people get emotionally fragile. They get irritated easily, feel anxious and depressed. All of these lead to a boring personality, social anxiety and many mental health issues.

Their productivity also decreases substantially so their work life also gets affected. As a result, they face complaints from their employers and end up feeling out of their mind and demented.

The only escape from such situation is by taking a break from your routine. And the best way to refresh your mind is to spend time in an environment which is totally natural. The mind refreshes at its best when it is surrounded by stuff which brings him close to nature.

Best Shoes For Hiking 

To achieve this, the best way is to visit countryside or mountain ranges. Visit snowy peaks and vast green fields. These things bring peace and calmness. But many people do not go there only because they do not have the equipment to these places.

Let me tell you, if you want to go there, one of the things you must have is shoes for hiking. Bad shoes can cause your feet to turn and get injured when walking on steep hills and rocks. So, if you are wondering which shoes to buy, we have got you covered.

Salomon X Ultra 2

If you prefer lightweight and breathable shoes which are also durable and just fit for hiking, these are the one for you. They cost a hundred and twenty dollars and are worth it. But do not buy them at places of water where there is a chance of them getting wet because simply they are not waterproof. Plus we would not recommend them if you have swollen feet because they tire the feet if the pathway is rough. In fact, you need wide shoes for swollen feet problem.

North Face Ultra GTX

These shoes have the same cost as the Salomon but plus side is they are waterproof. They are very lightweight and are comfortable to the feet. Their grip on rough surfaces is pretty impressive and all in all, they pack a punch.

Best Shoes For Hiking 

The downside, their treads do not last long, which makes them not much durable. Plus due to being waterproof, they are not much breathable.

Lowa Renegade GTX

These shoes are one of the best things around when it comes to hiking. They are very durable and extremely lightweight. They bring comfort to feet when walking over rough terrain. Plus they are also waterproof so no worries if you happen to be close to a waterfall or need to cross a river. The downside, they cost some buck and the price seems exaggerated. If you want, they come at two hundred and ten dollars.


When hiking, feet are constantly at a risk of getting injured. Plus a little imbalance while trekking can cause you severe injuries and can even cause you your life. See the image below to know which other accessories you need for your hiking trip.

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