Which Pads Are Best For Heavy Periods?

Which Pads Are Best For Heavy Periods?

Are you looking for the best pads that can help you to stay comfortable and relaxed during heavy periods?

Well if yes, then this is the actual place for you to get the perfect information!

All women will be aware of the struggle they had to go through every month when their period arrives.

Some women might experience a light flow of blood but for some of the women, it becomes a little difficult to handle due to the heavy blood flow. 

Now without wasting any time, let’s discuss which pads are best for heavy periods for you to pick the perfect one right now!

1- Whisper Ultra Clean Menstrual Sanitary Pads:

First, on our list, we have the name of Whisper Ultra Clean XL’s best sanitary napkins!

Whisper is one of the top leading brands which is a trusted name in India for providing the best quality sanitary pads.

Whisper Ultra Clean Menstrual Sanitary Pads are designed to lock 100% of the wetness.

This is also available with the odor lock gel with which your body will be able to have maximum protection for your hygiene. 

Plus it is also having a pleasant scent which is helpful to lock your body odor in the possible best manner.

According to the requirements of the users, it is completely designed just to offer your body 40% better coverage. 

With the help of the Dri-weave cover, the users can also expect to acquire soft and complete dry protection in favor of the maximum usage time.

If you are on heavy day flow or odor, then choosing this sanitary pad is the best option for you. 

This sanitary pad is yet the perfect choice for all those women who are on heavy period flow for the whole day. 

2- Whisper Ultra Soft Menstrual Sanitary Pads:

Next on our list, we have the name of Whisper Ultra Soft XL Best Sanitary Pads in India!

This is another top best sanitary pad that is best for the ladies who are on the heavy flow for the whole day protection. 

Whisper is the best brand in India which delivers the best options of the sanitary pad to choose from.

It guarantees to best provide the user with the 100% ultimate protection. As it is evident from the name, it is providing the users with soft protection in terms of hygiene.

It has been designed through the usage of an extra-soft top sheet to provide complete gentleness for the skin.

To let the pad stay in one place, it is available with an additional set of stretchable wings.

These wings will completely ensure that the users can have their pad be settled in any position as they want it to be.

All along with this feature, this pad is also offering 20% of the long coverage and is also pretty long. 

All because of the soft pores it can drive the liquid right inside the core without causing any sort of leakages.

Due to its lock feature, it will provide your body with excellent dry hygienic protection for maximum hours.

Plus it is also having a pleasant scent which is helpful to lock your body odor in the possible best manner.

We shared the reviews of Best Pads for Heavy Periods I am sure that you will like it.

3- Sofy Antibacterial Extra Long Pads:

Last comes the name of Sofy Antibacterial Extra Long Pads!

Sofy is a top leading brand which is known to produce the best quality of sanitary pads at affordable price.

It is all made out of a green layer sheet which is all made up of natural ingredients.

All because of the sheet, it can prevent the formation of 99% of the bacterial growth during its use. 

It has a tree perfume fragrance which will make you feel fresh and confident for the whole day. 

Plus it is also included with the effective deep absorbent sheet with which it will absorb the liquid over the top layer.

This even helps you with dry and soft hygienic protection for the whole day. 


If you feel that your periods are always on heavy flow and still you want to stay active for the whole day, then pick any one of the above mentioned sanitary pads right now and give your body a healthy lifestyle. 

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