Bespoke software development for Banking & Financial services – Local Language Translation

Bespoke software development for Banking & Financial services – Local Language Translation

Bangalore or Bengaluru is renowned as the software development hub of India, and in a large measure perhaps of the world. Home to some very big global names in the industry, it has innumerable independent software development vendors, mainly founded by ex-employees of the big software names, who wanted to strike it rich on their own. These mid-size entities typically with 100-300 software developers on payroll, and serving half a dozen odd international clients, form the mainstay of the successful Software story in this part of the world. A major chunk of these firms, serve large Banks and Financial institutions in continental Europe, Russia, Japan and the Middle East, besides the traditional client markets like the US and UK.

It’s for serving the former, wherein one is implementing a Core Banking System, or a payments clearing system, or trading platform related to securities, where local language comes in to play a critical role, say a German, Dutch, French or Italian based project implementation being done remotely in Bengaluru, with local onsite implementation teams for final deployment.

Indian software developers long known for their command of the English language, but less so for excellence in other Latin languages, then turn to competent professional linguists for translation services, provided by Dubai translation Services, to do the content localization in a manner appropriate to the said geography. Our translators work closely in providing the correct labeling to all the modules, and hence work as an outsourced agency or sub con, for those who are tier 1 sub cons themselves in the larger scheme of things, or from a high-level perspective.

As sub cons we have gained excellent expertise in major CBS rollouts, especially in Germany, France and Holland, having worked with a number of reputed Bengaluru based software companies specializing in banking software.

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