Benefits of Becoming a Rover Pet Sitter

Benefits of Becoming a Rover Pet Sitter is a dynamic pet-sitting website that connects you with clients, and guides you through the process of launching your services. You’ll be happily surprised at the delightful upsides of working for Rover.

#1 Earn Money with Your Routine

We all love naptime and cuddles. Part of what you’re being paid for as a Rover pet-sitter are the things you do anyway throughout the day, like going for a walk. With just a few simple tweaks to your routine, you’ll be able to incorporate everything Fido needs, and then some. It couldn’t be more simple.

#2 Play with Puppies

Ask the average adult whether they spend enough time playing. Chances are, they’ll say nounless they own a dog. People who play regularly are happier, more creative, more fulfilled, and live longer. Whether it’s a game of fetch in the backyard or a playful romp around a dog beach, you’ll have endless opportunities to get your fix.

#3 Maximize Your Income

Rover sitters have incredible flexibility to increase their earning power. Whether you decide to board multiple pets overnight, enjoy drop-in visits on clients throughout the day, or add extra walks into the mix, there’s always a way to maintain the personal touch while taking on multiple gigs. What’s more, you can be a pet-sitter while you work your other job from home, or in your free time after your day job.

#4 Be Your Own Boss

Choose your own hours, select your own clients, and set your own rates. You make all the decisions—you’re the boss! You’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running your own business, while benefiting from the incredible support network that Rover provides.

#5 Love Your Life

It’s not often that you get to pursue your passion and get paid for it. If you find yourself whistling while you work, don’t be surprised: Caring for pups often fails to feel like “work” at all. Sitters get to meet wonderful dogs and humans, and their lives are richer for it. As you pocket your paycheck, you just might realize that your life has never been more rewarding.

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