Top Auto Repair POS System for 2020

Top Auto Repair POS System for 2020

Get your shop in gear with the latest technology in 2020. One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in an auto repair shop is the point of sale, or POS, system.

Work with a leading merchant account to find out how you can upgrade your payment processing system and enjoy all that 2020 technology has to offer.

Reliable Inventory Tracking

There’s nothing worse than running out of common parts and waiting for backorder components from your supplier. Avoid these costly mistakes by keeping accurate tabs on all your inventory.

It’s tough to stay on top of all your components and products in a busy shop, so choose a POS system that does some of the work for you.

Clover POS software synchronizes your inventory tracking with invoices. That way, when a technician rings up an order, you can have it automatically adjust your inventory.

Receive alerts when stock is low or out so you can keep up with your demands.

Customizable POS Interface

Auto Repair POS System

Training busy technicians on a new computer system can be expensive. For many mechanics, it may also feel like a waste of time.

Choose a modern POS system that allows you to completely customize the screen. A touch screen that’s tailored to your shop makes it easy to train your experienced mechanics.

Let your mechanics spend less time training on a POS system and more time working in your garage.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting

Don’t let payroll surprise you this year. When your mechanics are clocking in serious overtime and you’re using a lot of speciality parts, your cash flow can experience significant swings.

As a leading POS system for auto repair shop businesses, Clover systems keep you up to date with your financial situation.

Create detailed reports and analytics to balance your cash flow and successfully manage your limited working capital.

Flexible Hardware for a Flexible Shop

A bulky computer takes up a lot of space in your office. Free up space by choosing a compact Clover Mini or Clover Flex.

A handheld POS system gives your mechanics the freedom to create invoices right on the shop floor.

When your mechanics can take their POS system wherever they go, they can easily create an estimate for customers right by their vehicle.

As they discuss potential repair possibilities and maintenance steps, it’s easy to show customers a detailed invoice to compare prices and find a repair solution that works.

Build a Rewards Program that Works

Auto Repair POS System

Offer special discounts and oil change frequency rewards to your customers to keep them coming to your shop.

You can easily create your own auto shop rewards program with your Clover software.

Allow your customers to purchase gift cards, earn points and receive competitive deals and discounts directly to their email address.

Enjoy Affordable Systems for 2020

Don’t let an outdated payment system deter customers and hold your business back.

Learn more about the new Clover Station in 2020 and grow your auto repair shop with the latest technology and payment options.

Enjoy fast-paced processing, convenient invoicing and dynamic reporting for your auto shop.

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