Australia’s Perth Mint Introduces A New Queen Elizabeth Proof Set, Distributed by U.S. Money Reserve

Australia’s Perth Mint Introduces A New Queen Elizabeth Proof Set, Distributed by U.S. Money Reserve

If the name U.S. Money Reserve sounds familiar, you probably are a coin collector. Texas-based U.S. Money Reserve is one of the first places coin lovers visit when they are looking for special low mintage coins. Collectors looking for rare coins like the 1943 steel-gray penny visit the Money Reserve website first. Coin collectors know Money Reserve has a competent staff of numismatists who know the coin collecting business inside and out. Seasoned coin collectors know Money Reserve President Philip Diehl is the real deal when it comes to understanding rare coin values. Coins are a big part of Mr. Diehl’s life, and he shares his knowledge with thousands of coin collectors every day. He may not speak to them personally, but Money Reserve clients know Mr. Diehl’s organization is well-trained, and ready to offer collectors a rare find that will enhance their collection.

U.S. Money Reserve is a coin distributor that takes pride in offering clients proof sets that are only available on the Money Reserve website. Proof sets are the ultimate score for some collectors. In fact, some coin collectors only buy proof sets minted in the United States, Canada and in England. Those collectors know the first place to look for proof coins is Money Reserve because mints in other countries use Mr. Diehl and his team as exclusive agents. In other words, if you are looking for the new Australian Perth Mint proof set, you’ll only find it on the Money Reserve website. The 2018 Perth proof set celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s coronation sixty-five years ago.

New collectors wonder why foreign and U.S. mints rely on Money Reserve to handle proof set sales, and there’s a simple answer. Phil Diehl is a former Chief of Staff of the United States Treasury. And he is the godfather of the U.S. 50-state quarter program. Diehl was the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint, and he is responsible for introducing the highly collectible 50-state quarter set to young and seasoned collectors. Mints from other countries know what Mr. Diehl brings to the coin collecting table, so they know Money Reserve is the company that will represent their product in a professional and artistic way.

The Perth Mint and other foreign mints depend on coin artistry. The Perth Mint has some of the best coin designers in the world on its payroll. Plus, the new Australian proof set is a good example of that coin artistry. The two-ounce gold, one-ounce silver, and quarter-ounce gold coins in this three-coin proof set features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on the front and St. Edward’s Crown on the reverse side. And the good news for collectors is the total mintage is low by any mint’s standards. There’s only 203 proof sets available, according to Mr. Diehl. Money Reserve’s CEO Angela Koch thinks the Perth Mint set is one of the best proof sets to have in any coin collection because it complements the Queen’s 90th birthday 2016 proof set, and the 2017 proof set that honors the Queen’s 70-year marriage to Prince Philip.



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