Areas Of The Aviation Industry That Are Hiring

If you are interested in working in the aviation industry, there is always a position open for you. Of course, some positions are in a higher demand than others, so it is helpful to know what sort of jobs are more likely to come available. Some of these do require very specific training, but as long as you are open for the training, you should have no problem landing one of these positions.

Flight Attendant

The airline industry is always hiring new flight attendants. However, gone are the days where you simply need to have a pretty face and can just walk up and apply for the position. Now, these jobs are filled more by individuals who are able to accommodate travelers of different backgrounds and can speak multiple languages. If you are able to communicate in at least two languages, you have a good chance of landing such a position. Keep this in mind if you are looking at applying for one of the major airline industries.

Ground Crew

If you don’t know multiple languages but you have a clear criminal background of any major felonies, this is the position that hires the most. Whether you are helping with baggage or you are directing jets into their gates, this position does require manual work, but it has some desirable perks. Working for an airline is going to give you free trips, and most people who work for the airlines also receive benefits across the board as well. Granted, it does depend on what airline you work for, but the ground crew is a great position for just about anyone, and it is where the majority of hiring goes for any airline.


This is a specialty position that not everyone is able to obtain. You need to go to flight school and work with this. Even if you have been in the air force before and flown in specific jets, you need to know how to fly a passenger jet. You shouldn’t have much trouble moving from one to the other, but the industry still requires certifications. You are going to start with a smaller jet and work your way up to one of the larger, jumbo jets. All of this is very important to look into, so if you have always wanted to be a pilot for the airline industry, you are welcome to do so, it just takes training. Do note though that training and pilot courses can be a bit expensive, so it can take some time to finish up all of the training courses before receiving your certification.

Airport Worker

If you simply want to be near the airline industry and enjoy the sight of travelers, this is an alright position for you. While working airport security or inside of a storefront isn’t going to do you much in terms of perks, you can apply for a position with different airlines to work inside of the club lounges. These positions also give some desirable benefits.

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