Are Cash Home Buyers Legit

Are Cash Home Buyers Legit


If you’ve ever seen a “we buy houses Santa Ana” sign posted around town or seen ads pop up while surfing the web, you may have considered entertaining the idea. While pursuing this idea might be worthwhile, there is always a restraining factor, more like a bugging question in homeowners’ minds: Are cash buyers in Santa Ana legit?

It’s pretty unfortunate but true: Scammers posing as cash for homes in Santa Ana dealers are out there. While legit cash buying companies are trying to give homeowners a quick home sale in Santa Ana, these counterfeits are trying to swindle sellers — and their agents — out of their hard-earned cash.

There is no need to give an outright yes to the question about the legitimacy of Cash buyers. Because the existence of an original is what makes it possible for a fake also to exist. Hence, there are legit cash buyers, and that’s why we can also have discussions about cash home sale scammers. It’s all make-believe, and if you know what to look out for, you can make fast home sales in Santa Ana without falling prey.

Top Signs A Cash Buyer/Investor Is A Scammer

1.  The Investor has no references

John Medina Buys Houses is a BBB accredited business, which means when you deal with us, you’re in good hands. This is not the case with many investors because they are not legit; they have no proven track record of dealing in real estate. In fact, a serious investor should be able to identify several people they’ve bought houses from.

For instance, we have a review section on our website where you can watch videos of previous clients who testify about the nature of their dealings with us. Whenever an investor approaches you, and you are looking for validation, ask for a list of the properties the buyer has purchased. Confirm at the courthouse to see if records show that they actually purchased the property.

2.  The Investor has no money

We buy houses for cash in Santa Ana, CA; a scammer will try to get from you and not give you money. One of the red flags a scammer will raise is that he has no money. Most scammers offering to buy houses for cash do not have the money to buy their houses. Whenever a cash buyer approaches you, it is best to ask for their bank info and verify that they have the funds to purchase your home with a call. Sometimes, these scammers add fake numbers to their offers and answer such calls and give fake assertions to the proof of funds.

In cases where the bank is out of reach, search online for the bank’s number. Another way to catch these scammers off-guard requires a large, non-refundable deposit, say 5% to 10% of the purchase price. Importantly, don’t conduct business with a stranger, especially when you don’t have a proof of their legitimacy either from reviews or references from their past dealings.

3.  The Investor makes a mistake

One of the scamming schemes of fake we buy homes in Santa Ana dealers is making mistakes with transactions. For instance, when the scammer sends you money, say 5%-10% of the asking price you requested, you can expect it to be too much. In the sense that, the scammer will come up with a lie and ask you to refund a portion of their funds immediately after depositing the check.

Since they are trying to get your money, you can expect the transaction to be a fake one, and the only actual transaction would be the refund you make. Before you know it, you have fallen prey to their grand scheme. Their check always comes back as forgery, and you will be responsible for the funds you wired over.

4.  The Investor is unprofessional

The peak of scamming comes with a high level of unprofessionalism. For instance, if you come across an ad and call the number on the ad, and the person answers with “Hello,” you’re not dealing with a professional. You can trace this same attitude to simple details such as the email service being used. Legitimate home-buying companies don’t use free email for their professional account.

We buy houses in any condition in Santa Ana, CA, and don’t use high-pressure tactics to get you to sign documents fast either. While you can be under pressure to sell your house fast in Santa Ana, CA, we won’t make you sign papers you don’t fully understand.

Are cash home buyers legit? Of course, but there are bad eggs, and you should watch out for them. In California, we are the most reputable home buying company, and we buy houses in Santa Ana too.


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