Advantages of Swimming Covers

Advantages of Swimming Covers

Everyone likes to swim, some people do it as an exercise, and some do it as their profession. Nowadays more and more people want a swimming pool at their home. So when designing a new swimming pool, you must add-on some items that will make your swimming pool more better and enjoyable. Add-ons such as heating, lighting, automatic cleaning systems, and even an outdoor shower. A pool cover can be another better add-on for your swimming pool.

Swimming pool covers plays a vital role in maintaining your swimming pool. pools covers are available in different types such as opaque(Protect from UV rays), transparent( for esthetics), heavy or solid(for wind resistance), liquid covers(reduce evaporation), or safety cover(provide more safety for children and animals). Pool covers not only reduce water evaporation by 95%, but it also plays a vital role in increasing the water temperature by 5%. It overall increases your swim season.

The swimming covers are cost-effective items. Look for affordable pool covers in Sydney that not only reduce your swimming pool heating cost but also reduce the use of chemicals such as chlorine. The advantages of swimming covers are mentioned below:

The main advantages of installing pool covers are:

  • Maintain Temperature

By using pool covers the temperature of the swimming pool can be increased naturally. The swimming pool needs gas heaters and electric heaters to increase the temperature, which is not a cost-effective way. Installing pool covers can slightly reduce your heating bills. The more the sunlight falls on the swimming pool more will be the rise in temperature.

  • Water Loss Reduction

The contribution of evaporation of water is sustainable, so it needs to be controlled. Because the water is evaporated and the water level falls down, it will certainly damage the water skimmers and the pump system in the air. To prevent water loss, pool covers are one of the best options. It not only prevents water loss but also your water bill will be reduced.

  • Reduce Chemical Consumption

The chlorine is the most frequently used as a water cleaning agent, the pool water chlorine is degraded under the UV rays, directly coming from the sun. This simply means the pool covers will reduce the time for refiling the chlorine and the amount of purchasing the chemicals. Chlorine acts as a water sanitizer, while pool cover acts as a shield that prevents the UV rays to come in contact with chlorine.

  • Reduction in Leaf Load

When the leaf of other dust particles falls on the surface of the water, it sinks down and the water gets dirty. The leaf and dust collector is installed to collect out those leaves, to make the water clean again. But to save the cost of leaf collectors, Pool covers come into play as a better option. Because, when the leaves or dust will fall on the cover it can directly be blown off by a blower. Pool covers prevent your pool by gathering the organic matter and reduces the load of filters and pumps.

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