The Advantages of Clear Braces

The Advantages of Clear Braces

BracesIt really isn’t that long ago that any individual who had misaligned or crooked teeth who found themselves requiring orthodontic treatment would be faced with a considerable length of time spent wearing metal braces. These traditional braces were not only highly visible, making the wearer very self-conscious and miserable, but they could also be incredibly uncomfortable to wear.

There really was no alternative, except of course to leave the teeth crooked, so all too often the only people who really had braces were younger people.

Since then the field of dental technology has moved on such a long way and there are some really great alternatives available on the market. These alternative types of braces are far more discreet, which makes them a great solution for everyone, including adults who may have put off straightening their teeth at a younger age because they didn’t want to wear the unsightly metal braces.

Whether you have already made the decision to have clear braces, are still weighing up the benefits – which we hope this article will make clear – or you are looking for clear braces, in Dublin and want to know more, then keep reading to find out about the benefits.

The Benefits

The advantages of clear braces far outweigh the disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is really the cost and good dental surgery will be able to help you overcome this with a payment plan, making clear braces far more accessible than they used to be.

There are a growing number of adult patients who are looking to have clear braces fitted and it really isn’t hard to see why. Anyone who has been living with crooked or misaligned teeth may have spent many years being self-conscious about their teeth but have chosen to do nothing about it because of how visible traditional braces are.

Clear braces are as the name implies clear, which means that they are much harder to see when the patient is wearing them. This makes them a very good choice for anyone who wants to correct an issue with their teeth but prefers to do so discretely.

This can be especially important for those people who find themselves in a customer facing position due to their job or who have to stand up and give presentations to their colleagues when the last thing you want is to feel self-conscious about your braces.


Another advantage of choosing clear braces is that unlike traditional braces, this type is not fixed onto your teeth and can easily be removed, for example at meal times, which makes it not only much easier to clean the teeth but also avoids any stray items of food getting caught in the braces.

The latter is a common issue with traditional metal braces. This makes following a good oral care routine much simpler. The clear braces can then be placed back in the mouth once the teeth have been cleaner with no fuss at all.

Why Braces

The main advantage of any type of braces is of course that the patient, eventually, ends up with a beautiful straight smile. A clear brace will, however, do this in a more discrete way whilst still achieving the same end goal. Having teeth that are straight is about more than just appearance, although there is no denying that having straight teeth can really boost someone’s self-confidence.

Misaligned teeth are harder to keep clean, as there are more places for plaque and bacteria (the things that can contribute to dental decay) to accumulate. When the teeth are straighter, they fit more snugly into the gums and this, in turn, can reduce the risk of gum issues.

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