Adding Valuable Touches to your Home

Adding Valuable Touches to your Home

There’s no time like the present to revamp the small touches around your home. Many home owners argue that if it’s a task that doesn’t need to be done, they simply don’t have the time or finances. Replacing foundation vents to be one of those tasks that we know we need to do but never seem to find the time. It’s important to know that rouse foundation vents place an important role in allowing outside air to circulate under the floor, preventing moisture that leads to rot and mildew. While it may seem like a chore with no immediate consequences, failing to replace your foundation vents will have potential consequences for your home’s long-term value, not to mention your family’s health and safety. As we gear up for the hot and humid summer months, now is the perfect time to invest in home maintenance by investing in rouse foundation vents. Replacement foundation vents are quite affordable and easy to install, which means that whether you are an experienced handyman or embarking on your first DIY project around the home, replacing foundation vents is not too demanding of a task.

If you haven’t noticed, there are crawlspaces under your home that are susceptible to moisture, since it sits closely to the moist ground. Without proper ventilation, the moisture can wreak major damage to your home. It’s not uncommon to see moist crawlspaces infested with termites and rodents. If you currently do not have foundation vents or it’s been a while since they’ve been replaced, you will most likely see standing water, mold, or fungus already growing on your support beams when you check on them. If your eventual goal is to resell your house, it’s important to know that potential buyers and real estate agents will want to know the status of your foundation vents, ultimately impacting your home’s value and ease for resell.

Foundation vents will help humidity escape from under the house as weather begins to warm up and will hold onto dry heat during the winter. If you’re new to the process, it’s important to know that there are 3 basic models of vents that can be found in most homes, manual vents being the most common and inexpensive. They also tend to be simple to install yourself. Temperature vents, an update from manual vents but slightly more involved to install, are another option. Power vents are another option, usually reserved for crawlspaces that battle major issues with moisture. Again, if you are tackling this household project for the first time, you would be wise to contact a professional to discuss options and possibly installation costs.

If you’ve been meaning to improve your home this spring, there is no better way than to turn your attention to replacing the foundation vents in your home. Keeping moisture out is imperative to restoring your home’s longevity and resell value.

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