A Pool Maintenance Guide: Minimize Your Costs With These 8 Steps

If you own a house and you’ve got plenty of yard space at your disposal it is somewhat expected that you’ll be bound to have a pool built in at some point.

If you are planning to do so, or you have already undertaken such a project, you need to know something about maintenance cost, that is – about ways to minimize the ongoing pool maintenance costs.

We have consulted some of the top pool builders and asked for their advice and suggestions and this is what they told us.

There are the must haves for new pool builds and pool renovations.

A cleaning system

You are probably used to using a hose cleaner, there’s no reason to continue doing so. Further, having a pool built without a quality cleaning and circulation system is unacceptable. For every pool owner it is important knowing that an in-floor cleaning and circulation system is everything! It is the heart of the pool. Even though it may cost a bit more than you hoped for, be sure that it will more than pay for itself over the years. Compared to chemical costs, hose cleaner repair and maintenance and more, this system will be a true blessing!

A multi-speed pool pump

The pumps most present in the market today are 2-speed pumps and variable speed pumps. The latter are being picked out more often as they are a rather better choice. Believe it or not, but variable speed pumps will save you loads of money annually for many years.

Media filter

A large capacity modular media filter (cartridge style) is what we’d always suggest. With these, as well as many other things in life – it’s the bigger the better motto we adopt. Filters that need cleaning once a year are the best choice and these are what’s usually installed in pools. Commercial grade 700 sq ft filters filter from the top down. It is important not to install this type of filter if you have dogs using the pool.

A chlorinator

Most of pool owners/users are used to the floating sanitation dispenser. Today, this is not such a great option as it is crude and not very efficient. Instead, using chlorinator for chlorine tablets is definitely a better option.

And while you’ve probably overheard talks of chlorine not being necessary for a pool, forget about it. For the crazy heats, some chlorine is needed in it to stay safely sanitized and clear.

An ozone system

To cut down on chlorine demands opt for a simple ozone system. This will without doubt save you a couple hundred dollars a year.

A proper swimming pool interior

Mistakes are an inevitable part of any process. This is why you need to have a forgiving swimming pool interior that will tolerate mistakes that occurred in the process.

While most of us are used to treating plaster as the first option, truth is – it is now dated and considered totally old school.

We’d always suggest going with an aggregate interior finish like Pebble Sheen, Pebble Tec or Pebble Fina. Further, think of an enhanced plaster finish such as Ultra-Poz. If not, your interior will need to be re-finished in just a few years and that is not cheap.

An automatic pool cover

An automatic pool cover will save energy, water and consequently a lot of money. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy your wonderful pool for nearly all year long. Still, automatic pool covers pretty much depend on obstacles in the way like water features, raised area, the pool design and deck configuration.

The built alone

If you are just building your swimming pool, we’d always recommend opting for a concrete pool as they are some of the highest quality swimming pools built. These pools offer years of use when constructed properly, and it will be long until any maintenance or repair is needed. The most popular types of concrete pools are done with either gunite or shotcrete.

When you have a swimming pool in your yard, it’s not just that it looks good but it is a great way for the family to gather together during warm and hot days and enjoy family activities. So, keep your pool properly maintained for its long life and your enjoyment!

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