A Cool Hobby – Building Your Own Motorcycle

A Cool Hobby – Building Your Own Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle is an exciting thing, that’s for sure. Some bikers enjoy collecting models and replacing them from time to time. Others enjoy having an unusual hobby; building a motorcycle from scratch, just the way they want it to be. If you are one of these enthusiasts, here’s how to it properly:

1. Frame

No matter what type of motorcycle you want to build, you still need a framework that won’t need any additional modifications. The only thing you will have to do is to build the rest of the structure onto it.

In case you decide to buy a ready-made frame, the chances are you will need to introduce some modifications. If you decide to build the frame from scratch, then you will have more opportunity to make it unique and elegant.

2. Engine

You will probably have to buy the engine because rare are the people who know how to use proper tools and skills to make an engine. There are various engine sizes and shapes, so make sure you choose the one that will suit your needs best. Pay attention to the essential elements like cylinder heads, the carburetor and the pistons.

You will also need to buy a transmission at this point, so be careful while installing it, as the engine and the transmission are quite heavy. It’s also tricky to install them on the frame, so take your time not to damage anything.

3. Tires and fenders

There isn’t much you can make here – you’ll simply have to buy tires and fenders. Still, you can try making fenders on your own. However, you have to be really careful – if you misgauge them, you’ll ruin the tires and the fenders because of the excess rubbing. The type of tires depends on your preference, even though some types of motorcycles require a specific type of tires. For a wider choice, check out online stores like MXstore to see what’s out there in case you choose freely.

4. Exhaust

Building the exhaust will probably be the easiest part of the job. The reason behind this is that the exhaust doesn’t have to be a complex motorcycle element. The one thing that you need to deal with is a pipe through which the fumes will exist the motor cylinders. In other words, you can get an old pipe of the proper size and bend it so that it fits the shape of the motorcycle. Next, tighten up the structure with screws, bolts and a few metal scraps. If you want to achieve a more sophisticated look, but you don’t have the necessary tools for it, it’s best to order a custom-made pipe from a specialized shop.

5. Painting

This is usually one of the best parts of building your own motorcycle. You have the chance to paint your bike whatever color you want and get crazy. Of course, you have to paint it before you assemble all the parts on the frame. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach all the parts completely if you build the bike completely.

So, you should first be done with the whole framework and put it into the shape you want. Next, shape all the other parts properly, including pedals and fenders. After that, you are free to paint the elements as you want. Let the paint dry off completely and then finish the assembly.

Final comment

Once you get a hold of the whole process, you’ll probably want to move on to your next project. Have fun and enjoy your unique motorcycles!

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