9 Ways To Get Rid Of Office Furniture Before Moving

9 Ways To Get Rid Of Office Furniture Before Moving

Every office closure, remodeling, and move results in surplus furniture and equipment, including the additional chairs, desks, cabinets, supplies, and electronics that are currently stored in your storage area. What do you do with it then? This article will give the 9 best ways to get rid of your office furniture before moving.

Make a thorough inventory

Making a thorough inventory of the furniture you have and the items you don’t want to take with you is the first step in getting rid of outdated office furniture before a commercial move. Include everything, including cubicles, cupboards, desks, seats, lamps, and tables.

The more precise your inventory, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to dispose of the furnishings. If you can’t handle it all by yourself, designate one person to be in charge of creating and recording the inventory.

Document the whole process

Every item should be able to be tracked to its final destination to guarantee that it was actually sold, recycled, or donated and not discarded covertly.

The increased accountability also enables management to assess the success of the project and make improvements for the following one. Since office excess projects only sometimes arise, this is very useful for them.

Offer the furniture to your employees

When it comes to getting rid of your company’s outdated office furniture, don’t forget about your staff. Consider selling your old office furniture to your staff at a significant price before moving your business.

It’s advantageous for both parties if you offer to sell your staff discounted used office furniture. It will show goodwill, generate an immediate money stream, and guarantee that some of your furniture is removed for free.

To ensure accurate conversations with resellers, recyclers, and donation groups as you move on with your disposal process, make sure to update your inventory list now.

Contact liquidating companies

Selling second-hand office furniture by liquidating the cubicles works well. Many liquidation businesses are eager to purchase used office furniture so they can resell it for a profit. They take nearly all office supplies, including cubicle furniture, electronics, and IT equipment.

 Working with a liquidation business is a great option to rapidly get rid of extra office furniture when moving. Considering that you permit the furniture to be recycled, it’s also an environmentally friendly choice.

Donate the furniture

If you’d rather not sell your used office furniture, donating it is a great alternative. When transferring, business owners have the option of donating their used cubicles to charities. The donated materials can subsequently be used or sold by these NGOs.

Giving away outdated office supplies like cubicles can be advantageous for both the business and the charitable organization. Sales of the items will bring in money for the nonprofit group, but the business will also be entitled to a tax credit. You get rid of the old furniture and save a little money on taxes.

Recycle some of the furniture

When moving, a company has the option of recycling its outdated cubicles. Undoubtedly, recycling is the best technique to get rid of waste. It is also a great method to make money from surplus office supplies. To recycle its cubicles and other unwanted office supplies, a migrating company can collaborate with a respectable business.

Pick the furniture you will take with you

Not all of your old office furniture is useless. You probably want to take some with you to your new office. While this task might seem exhausting, there are removalist companies that can give you a hand. Make sure you make a good selection of the items you will take with you and hire a professional office removals company to make this task smooth for you.

The competence of the company to transfer those products in great shape is something you should consider. Additionally, their fleet of vans should be able to transport all styles of office furniture promptly and with the least amount of hassle possible.

Dispose of the furniture that is not usable anymore

If a piece of furniture can’t be reused in its current state, it can be broken down into recyclable materials like metals, plastics, and wood and recycled at your local recycling facility or by a third-party business. The company’s used furniture will be assessed, and the recyclable materials will be found and turned into fresh, usable goods. Recycling is always a fantastic choice because it protects natural resources and supports your sustainability objectives.

Sell it on the web

You can double-check your inventory and list some of the products online after asking your staff whether they wish to acquire or sell some furniture within other organizations. You may quickly reach out to second-hand stores and dispose of or sell the remaining things in your lot by selling used office furniture online. In this way, you could earn a good price for the old office furniture while also reducing your stock.

If you’re thinking of replacing your outdated office furniture, consider the following:

  • Making a good plan and documenting the process
  • See all the possible ways to resell, donate or recycle
  • Hire a professional company for all of the relocation purposes to make sure the furniture is transported safely

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