6 Ways To Start An Online Casino

6 Ways To Start An Online Casino

Even 20 years ago, only millionaires with a hotel chain or other successful business could own a casino, since to open a gambling establishment, you had to spend a considerable amount of money. However, online casinos have quickly eclipsed traditional casinos in their practicality and quantity with the advent of the Internet.

Today, online casinos can be a very lucrative business that, with the right approach, can cover costs in a matter of months. However, for this, you need to know where to start and who to contact.

Let’s look at the main aspects that a future casino owner should pay attention to in 2021.

1. Find a software game provider

 Today there are dozens of companies that specialize in casino software. However, it would be best to be extremely careful when choosing a provider, as you may stumble upon scammers. Carefully study the gaming options of the company, their strategy, conditions of cooperation, guarantees, certificates, and the quality of technical support.

Suppose the leading companies are NETENT, RiverMonster, Microgaming, FlamingoSeven,  Evolution, PlayN’Go. Many casino enthusiasts also consider which companies online casinos work with, so if you cooperate with eminent software providers, this can be a big plus for the image of your gambling site in the future.

Online casino software will be the most expensive part of your business plan, but if you want to create a casino that will bring you profit, you shouldn’t save on the provider.

2. Get a license

Unfortunately, the casino industry is vulnerable to fraud, so you will need to get a license to make a name for your platform. Without a permit, the operation of the casino will be considered illegal, can create significant problems for you in the future, and alienate your future users.

It should be borne in mind that not in all countries the casino industry is legal. That is, you have no chance to get a license from the state authorities of those countries. Moreover, although the gambling business is legal in other countries, there is a strong monopoly, which will significantly complicate your chances of obtaining a license.

The best country options for obtaining a license are:

  •  United Kingdom
  •  Malta
  •  Gibraltar
  •  Isle Of Man
  •  Curacao

The certification process can take months, and depending on the prestige of the license. In addition, it can vary in price. Therefore, you are advised to sift through your options.

3. Create game content

Your site should have a rich selection of games: poker, slots, craps, keno, roulette. It all depends on you and your gambling provider. Carefully study which games are popular, add new items that always attract more players. Be sure to add free games to increase the number of visitors to your site.

4. Get started with website design

Your site must have an original and eye-catching design. The menus and control panel should be practical and straightforward. Your goal is to help the user start the game as quickly as possible from entering your site. The too-long registration process, confusing menu, and backward interface will increase the risk of users leaving the site without starting the game.

5. Choice of payment systems

It is essential to decide in advance how you and your users will conduct money transactions. That is very important, as a wrongly constructed payment system can reduce profits and inconvenience players’ processes. The most significant trend today is cryptocurrencies, and if you integrate your digital currency payment platform, you can quickly get your business up and running.

6. Get involved in marketing

Without advertising and promotion, you will not be able to attract many potential players; inherently, your profit will be small. To do this, you can:

  1.  Carry out promotion on social sites, as well as in searching engines
  2.  Create a profitable bonus system for your players
  3.  Carefully study your target so that your advertising is not a waste of time.


Although the casino industry is booming nowadays, it is not easy to create an online casino. You have to work tirelessly, research the market, find the right companies to collaborate in software, certification, and marketing. However, if you carefully approach all aspects of your future business, your gambling site will delight you with high profitability shortly.


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