5 Ways to Refresh Your Walls on a Budget

5 Ways to Refresh Your Walls on a Budget

We, as urban people, are surrounded by buildings. These buildings are our homes, our workplaces, clubs, malls, cinemas, and whatnot. Each building has its unique key features which make it distinctive. For example, a cinema is always a huge hall with plenty of seats and a big screen on a wide wall, whereas a shopping mall will always be a building which would consist of pathways surrounded by plenty of rooms as shops.

Aside from this, a building also has some features which are important from the decor’s point of view and add a touch of beauty and class to it. These features are most of the time applied on the walls of a building to give them elegance and refinement. But the problem with this is, like all other trends, the trends of wall decor changes with time. Plus walls also get old and need repair over time. So, in order to stay in vogue, walls need a makeover time to time.


But staying in vogue is not always very economical. It can be rather costly. In fact, when it comes to decorating walls, the required amount turns out to be rather high. But there are multiple ways through which you can cut the cost of your makeover. If you are wondering what ways they will be, we have listed five of them below just for you.


Want your walls to give out a newer essence and feel, paint them with a fresher and sharper color. If you are in Calgary, get it done from Earl’s paintworks.


But if you are on a budget, just paint the walls yourself. Painting does not require much science. You get the grip of it just after a couple of minutes.

Increase Space By Not Increasing It

If you want the room to feel wider and spacious, there is one neat trick for this. Use breadboards on the walls and fix those panels keeping their lining horizontal. Horizontal lining gives out the look of a wider room.


 This is one of my favorites. Instead of covering a wall with breadboards or spending time over painting the walls, just simple personalize your wall by using paper stuff of anything you love.


Love movies? Gather posters of your favorite movies and affix or paste them on the wall. Love photography? Make a grand collage of your favorite photos on your wall. Simple, yet very economical.

 Utilization With Creativity

Use the simple items in a little creative way to create something unique. For example, if you are painting a wall, instead of doing regular vertical brush strokes, try random strokes on the wall. It will produce prominent random lines of paint and will give an abstract look to your wall.

 When In doubt, Buy Flowers

Buildings are less likely to have something organic or botanical inside. But little plants contribute in producing a good mood of you. Place flowers on corners or buy hanging flower pots with flowers which do not need much water and care.


Beautiful walls are soothing to the eyes. They improve our vibes about the place. They make the building ‘breathable’. Utilize these tips to achieve all this on a budget. If you are interested in wall coverings, see below some autumn inspired wall coverings.

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