5 Tips on Hosting Corporate Events for Beginners

5 Tips on Hosting Corporate Events for Beginners

Do you need new ways to connect with customers and strengthen brand recognition? 74% of consumers say that engaging with brands at events makes them more likely to buy the brand’s product. So why not host an event?

Planning your own event seems overwhelming. Where do you start? How far ahead should you plan?

Read on for five tips on hosting corporate events.

  1. Calculate Your Budget

Figure out how much money you need for your event. At a minimum, you’ll have to pay for food, event staff, and a venue. Plan also for audio/visual needs, guest speakers, and small items like nametags and promotional gifts.

Call around to get quotes, because sometimes different companies offer wildly different prices. But don’t cut corners—an event that looks and feels low-budget won’t impress anybody.

  1. Spread the Word

First, create your promotional material. Hire a studio to make a promotional clip, or ask a designer to create the graphics. Make sure everything looks professional.

Next, announce your event on social media, and post reminders. Send press releases to local news networks, publications, and bloggers. You may even want to mail out printed invitations.

  1. Choose the Venue

When you select the venue, think beyond how many people it can accommodate. Does the atmosphere match your brand? Does it have the resources to host your event, including audiovisual systems or kitchen access?

Since venues fill up months in advance, call your venue as soon as you have dates for events.

  1. Order Food and Drinks

When you provide drinks or meals, you’ll show that you’re taking good care of your guests. Besides, you don’t want anyone to be distracted by growling stomachs when you’re making your big presentation.

Since the food sets the tone of the event, start planning right away to get it right. Stick to your budget, but don’t make your decisions based solely on price. Before you choose a caterer, meet with several different companies to taste the food and see if you can work with the staff.

You can provide low-key snacks and appetizers with almost any budget. Arrange it nicely on platters and bowls, because presentation matters almost more than what you’re serving. If you want to add a fun party feel, try renting a popcorn or a snow cone machine to go along with a really fun atmosphere—you can learn more here!

  1. Prepare for Emergencies

Even when you’ve made your plans and arranged all of the necessary services, something can always go wrong. Save money for cost overruns and last-minute emergencies, and make backup plans to prepare for unexpected events.

When you rely on technology for everything, a glitch can throw off your whole event. To prevent catastrophe, test all the equipment before the event starts. Arrange to have technicians, extra equipment, and power cords on-site in case the technology fails.

Start Hosting Corporate Events

Hosting corporate events can seem overwhelming, so look at the larger picture as you go. When you focus on connecting with customers, you’ll be able to plan an event everybody will enjoy.

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