5 Reasons to Focus on Video Marketing

5 Reasons to Focus on Video Marketing

It is claimed that 8 out of 10 people never read past the headlines. Why? Simply because written content seems to be getting more and more outdated every day. Graphs, infographics and diagrams are a much more popular means of displaying the results of any research, than listing them in text form. In other words, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video might just be worth a million. All in all, here are 5 ways in which your company can benefit from video marketing.

1.      Better conversion rate

First things first, you need to keep in mind that the number of visitors on your website is of secondary importance. What comes first is the conversion rate that you are able to achieve, and according to latest numbers, video marketing can boost these conversions by almost 80 percent. Nonetheless, keep in mind that they are not equally as efficient in every business niche. For example, video marketing is much more likely to inspire people to buy electronics and jewelry than personal care or gardening items.

2.      Cost-efficient marketing

John Wannamaker once said that while the half of the money he spends goes into marketing, he can never know which half it is. In 2017, the era of the internet and sophisticated analytics tools, things are quite different. Today, you can pretty much directly control your ROI by choosing marketing channels that are proven to be the most effective in your niche. Furthermore, by entrusting this task those who have enough experience to make an adequate corporate video you can get a product that fits both your campaign and most importantly, your budget.

3.      Better calls to action

If there is one thing that audiences can’t stand in traditional advertising, it is when the advertiser goes overboard with his sales pitch. Scripted dialogues, polished testimonials and over-the-top product promotions are more likely to simply drive away your potential clients than encourage them to buy. On the other hand, videos are much more convincing. Earlier on we have mentioned videos helping some industries more than they do others, and this is not an accident. By seeing how a software or a gadget works in practice, you can inspire a timid client to actually make the purchase.

4.      Mobile friendly

One of the main reasons why video marketing has reached its peak in popularity is because it is completely mobile friendly. You see, two years ago, mobile devices officially became more popular internet browsing platforms than desktop computers. This year, Android has dethroned Windows and has thus become the most popular OS for browsing the internet. The very fact that this form of marketing appeals to this growing customer base should be reason enough for your company to jump right into it.

5.      More social shares

Finally, it is vital to keep in mind that social media is a large part of your overall marketing efforts. As it happens, the video encourages social shares more than any other content format. Nonetheless, keep in mind that there are several methods that can make your videos more shareable. Some of them are keeping it short, turning it into a top-10 list and even sharing it on certain days (Monday or Tuesday).


In the end, no list would be long enough to name all the advantages of video marketing for your business, your services and your product. An honorable mention should go the incredible boost it can give your email marketing. Apart from giving your advertising more credibility, improving your click through rate and boosting your ROI as a whole, these videos are usually also quite fun to make. Make sure you have fun and make videos for your customers, not merely for the sake of going viral.

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