5 Facts About USAA Auto Insurance

5 Facts About USAA Auto Insurance

When shopping for auto insurance, it’s important to get quotes from multiple providers. Policy costs can vary from one company to another, so shopping around can secure a better price. But there’s more to car insurance than the cost.

Although one auto insurance company can seem just like another, a little checking uncovers some key differences between car insurance companies and what they can offer. Here are five ways that USAA stands out from other auto insurance companies.

For the Military, By the Military

Army officers founded USAA almost 100 years ago. Currently, more than 20 percent of the company’s employees are military spouses or veterans, and it is a Military Friendly Top 10 Brand.

Policyholders must be active-duty military, honorably discharged, or a family member. USAA’s specialization is its strength. It understands the unique needs of those in the military and their families. USAA headquarters is in San Antonio, Texas, and the company issues policies to members in all 50 states.

Top-rated Insurance

The Better Business Bureau has awarded USAA an A- rating. USAA was the top choice in all regions for customer satisfaction, according to J.D. Power. The insurer has consistently high marks with customers when it comes to claims resolutions and shopping for policies.

More than 13 million people hold policies with USAA, and the company boasts a retention rate of 95 percent. USAA does not use independent agents. Many employees were former military and have experience with the special issues military members face. Customers can also access their policies and payments through an app.

Strong Financials

AM Best, an institution that ranks insurance companies based on their financial strength, has given USAA an A++ rating. USAA as a whole has more than $200 billion worth of assets and sees revenues exceeding above $36 billion. An insurance company needs to have strong financials. This guarantees policyholders never have to worry about receiving policy payouts for damages.

Unique Discounts and Features

Many active-duty service members go on deployment and need a place to store their vehicles. They may not have family members who can safely store the car. USAA gives a discount of up to 60 percent on storage fees for insured vehicles, giving policyholders peace of mind.

Another great discount that USAA provides is for car storage at a military installation. Customers can save up to 15 percent a year by parking their vehicle in a garage on a military base. This is a great perk for active-duty personnel who live and work on a base.

Active in the Community

USAA is also active in investing in the military community. It gives to the Military Family Relief Initiative. Employees have contributed more than $10 million to nonprofits and logged over 185,000 hours of volunteer work.

While its headquarters is in San Antonio, USAA has offices in seven cities across the country and employs more than 36,000 people. The offices work with military and veteran service organizations all across the country. The offices and employees participate in hundreds of events in the community.

A Safe Choice

Customers and industry experts rate USAA as the top choice for military members and their families. It is also often the most economical choice, even in states where car insurance is more expensive. USAA offers many of the same discounts and driving programs that other insurance companies offer, plus the additional discounts on vehicle storage and military installation storage. This makes USAA a safe and smart choice for auto insurance.


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