5 E-commerce Improvements that Give Immediate Results

5 E-commerce Improvements that Give Immediate Results

One of the things that excite entrepreneurs the most is just how dynamic it is and how little time and effort it takes to implement even the biggest change. Let’s say you wanted to rebrand your business. What would take longer, changing several elements on your website or completely altering the appearance of your traditional retail store? Still, some changes give immediate results, as well, making them incredibly reliable due to the fact that you receive an instant feedback on their efficiency. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several quick improvement ideas your e-commerce site needs as soon as possible.

1.      Better loading time

The first thing you need to know when running any kind of online business is the fact that loading time significantly impacts your bottom line. In just 4 seconds of non-responsiveness, you can lose up to 25 percent of your entire audience but this is just the tip of the iceberg. People who don’t leave are bound to have a less satisfying customer experience, which might prevent them from buying or at least buying again. Because there’s money involved here, as well, people might even see your platform as non-reliable. Due to the fact that the generation of return customers tends to be one of the most important objectives (if not the most important one), this is a change that might make all the difference in the world.

2.      Live chat as an elegant solution

Next thing you have to have to understand is that your audience sometimes refrains from addressing you directly simply because this is somewhat inconvenient for them. Namely, writing a formal email, picking the right category and similar steps may be fairly standard, which doesn’t mean that everyone is too comfortable with them. Remember, an average person has an attention span of a goldfish, which is the reason why too many interactions may scare them away. With a live chat, on the other hand, you’re giving them a clear line of communication between you and your audience. All they have to do is click once and type what seems to be the problem. The efficiency of this method should be more than obvious.

3.      Compete on a multi-vendor store

If you have a particularly lucrative offer, your audience might lack the point of reference to just how good your offer actually is. The simplest way to get through this is to start competing in a multi-vendor store. In this way, you can put your item on display and allow your audience to pit it against other similar offers. A multi-vendor e-commerce tool like OMNYFY might give you an additional competitive edge, which is why definitely something worth considering when you start establishing your brand in the digital world. From the standpoint of your site, you can also use it to power your own marketplace, which is an option that you always want to keep in mind.

4.      Go for the upsell

Another trick you can use is to try to utilize a sale that you’re just about to make in order to create one more sale. The most efficient way to do so is to try making a bundle or a mini-bundle consisting of several thematically similar items (for instance, shoes and shoe maintenance product) and add a discount somewhere into the mix. Even without the discount, this will be an attractive idea, seeing as how your customers may see this as a time-saving activity. You see, the other item might be something that they had the intention of buying all along, so why not just get over with it right away (even at a tad higher price).

5.      Buying without registration

At the end of the day, a lengthy and complex registration process might scare your audience away, which is why you should allow them to buy products without having to actually register. As the matter of fact, as much as 37 percent leave without buying simply because a site asked them to create an account. This is useful from one more standpoint. You see, asking for too many information may be somewhat suspicious. Moreover, in the age of cyberattacks and hacks, people are reluctant to give away more information than they absolutely have to. Therefore, providing them with an option to just buy a product and remain (relatively) anonymous, might become a major selling point for your brand.

In conclusion

One thing that you have to keep in mind while examining all of the above-mentioned improvements is the fact that you can implement them with an incredible quickness and an astounding ease. Furthermore, these changes will affect the attitude of both regular customers and first-timers, which promises consistent results from the moment you decide to implement them. All of this, when combined, comes down to a recipe for success.

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