5 Best Ways To Improve Your Driver Skills

5 Best Ways To Improve Your Driver Skills

Our driving skill is one we have to hone for our entire lives. The more we drive, the better we become, but sometimes we are not in a position to drive or own a car. Over time people can get rusty, some basics get forgotten, and mistakes can happen. Fender-benders are not that big of a deal, but on a more serious note, driving can be dangerous if you’re not sure what you are doing. Taking the time to hone your skills and become the best driver you can contribute to the overall safety of all drivers involved.

1. Make room

Organic and mechanical factors both come into play when driving. Our natural reaction time to events on the road directly reflects on the car’s capability to adapt. Breaking is the easiest way to explain what we are talking about here. Whatever speed you are driving, when you suddenly hit the brakes, your car needs distance and time to stop.

When people forget this and expect immediate results, that’s when accidents happen. Always follow the four-second distance rule, or one-and-a-half car length, when driving behind someone. That way, you are giving yourself and your car enough wiggle room to adapt to any sudden changes on the road and reduce the probability of an accident.

2. No distractions

Keep your mind on the road at all times. You require commitment, focus and dedication when driving. Even when we consider that some actions are pure muscle memory, your mind still needs all the help you can give to limit or eliminate any possible sources of distraction. Tune down the car radio, shut down the laptop, don’t use your mobile while driving, cut the chitter-chatter if you can’t focus, and ensure your eyes are on the road. Billboards and commercials on the side can distract you and make your eyesight wiggle around. Never forget that a single second of distraction is enough to cause a car crash with fatal outcomes.

3. Adapt driving to your capabilities

As the title says, we are all different and do everything in our lives in a unique way. Driving is a skill and an experience that are both very personal. Being honest with yourself and knowing your boundaries help when driving. Because you know your capabilities and how you react to stressful situations, you can prepare for driving in advance. There is no shame in admitting that you need help and a whole industry exists to help you.

Reaching out to an expert and pro driving instructor in Sydney can help refresh and hone your driving skills. Instructors can quickly identify your weak spots and point out what you have to work on and improve. Driving in a controlled environment with an expert whose sole job is to coach you is always a good idea and a great boost to your confidence.

4. Practice makes perfect

Whether you’ve just got your driving licence or have some miles under your tires, we all need practice. Being honest and admitting what are your weak driving spots will reveal what you have to work on and improve. If night driving is what’s scary, wait for dusk and start driving. Don’t go driving around midnight right away by speeding on a freeway but take baby steps.

Your neighbourhood provides the ideal testing ground for honing your driving skills in all situations. Practising driving makes an experience that leads to perfection. Driving on busy roads, big intersections, freeway, and around hospitals or schools all require their fair share of adapting. By exposing yourself to such scenarios, you are building up knowledge on how to best conquer your fears and become a better driver.

5. Be consistent and adaptable

Like with any form of training, consistency is the key to success. Practising your driving skills on a daily level, setting small and tangible goals. With every victory, you will feel your confidence shoot up, and the more you practice, the better you will get. One way to become a better driver is don’t ignore the weather. Summer and winter require different tires that help with breaking and maneuvering. Heavy snow requires chains, and your car needs regular maintenance.

Regular car maintenance ensures that your trusty vehicle does not fail you in critical moments, and car breakdowns can happen to anyone, regardless of skill. Once you know your car is up to standards, you will learn how to maintain it, and become one with the machine. In that unison, great results and perfect driving can happen.

On the road, you can always see a myriad of cars. In any of them is the same person as you. Some are also beginning, others are seasoned veterans, others are in a hurry, and some have all the time in the world. Whatever the case may be, we all want to get from point A to point B safe and sound. Respecting others leads to safer roads and a more pleasant driving experience!

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