4 Ways To Make a Dull Ceiling Interesting

4 Ways To Make a Dull Ceiling Interesting

Apart from walls, furniture, and floor, details of the ceiling of space also contribute a lot in improving the aesthetics. Leaving the ceiling blank would look dull and might require regular maintenance. One of the best ways to make the ceiling interesting is by plastering them to make them look finished. You must visit Plasterboard Suppliers – DFN Plaster Products to give beautiful plastering to space at an affordable rate. Let us now discuss some other ways to make a dull ceiling look interesting.

  1. Paint It:

Finishing and leaving the surface of the ceiling as white does not look fashionable. You can try painting it the same color as it is on the walls. This will make the space look uniform and will also eliminate the dullness of that space. If not the same color, you can also paint it using some contrasting colors. This will highlight the ceiling and space with two contrasting colors that would definitely look elegant! While choosing a color to paint the ceiling, one should always consider the shade of furniture and floor. This will ensure that the space looks uniform and all the colors are interacting amongst each other.

  1. Put A Wallpaper:

If you are a person who likes designs and patterns, then you can put wallpaper on the ceiling. There is a huge range of wallpapers available in the market. You can choose the best one amongst them. Again, make sure that the background color of that wallpaper matches the color of the walls and floor. While selecting a wallpaper, one must ensure that the quality of the material should not be compromised. It should not lose its appearance and maintain its beauty for many long years! If you are planning to put wallpaper on your ceiling, then make sure that it is not being exposed to moisture.

  1. Hanging Lights:

If you want to make a space really cozy and interesting, then one way to do that is to add hanging lights. Add small hooks at scattered positions. Then buy some elegant and soothing lights for your room. Place it to appropriate positions in that space. You will see that how these lights from the ceiling are adding an effect to your room. However, place these hanging lights such that they lighten up the entire space. Do not leave any dull or unlighted corner in your room.

  1. Paintings:

Are you a person who is fascinated by art? Then you must get some interesting paintings on the ceiling! This will look creative and unusual. The aesthetic quality of the space will be improved by getting a painting done on the ceiling. Before starting to paint, ensure that the ceiling is smooth and has soft paint for a better background. One must only go for this option if their roof is moistureproof. Also, ensure a frequent usage of bright colors in the painting. If not painting, then the wallpapers that you install can also have some beautiful figures painted on it.

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