3 App Ideas that Can be Highly Productive for Small Business and Startups

Mobile apps are developed not just for the sake of getting money after selling them to the companies, but it is what makes a smartphone and similar devices work. The devices as a standalone are not worth much because it is the apps that make them productive. Businesses in big metropolitan cities like Toronto need to come up with something drastic to have a great future ahead. And when it comes to app development, there are several factors that they need to think about.

Mobile apps work only when they cater to a problem that is still unresolved. You will find hundreds and thousands of apps catering to messaging, games, and entertainment. But there is an overwhelming majority who have their favorites regarding messaging, like WhatsApp, Signal in Telegram. And not many companies can find their way to attract the current uses of these apps. That is why you need to think out of the box to ensure you are developing something extraordinary and unique.

Please go through the following blog as I discuss three key ideas that can work for app development in a big city and attract several hundred thousand new users in a quick time.

1. Smart Parking App

This is one of the biggest problems when we live in a big metropolitan city. Convenient parking is unheard of, and you have to compromise in selecting any place for this purpose. Parking near the workplace or in the vicinity of your college or university is a blessing. But not everyone is lucky, and that is why an overwhelming majority have to park their cars far away from their workplace. That is why the need for a parking app arises to help anyone looking for a place for parking with convenience.

Smart parking app alerts the user whenever a parking space is free or about to be freed in the next couple of minutes. Any person can pick up his car and place it near his workplace or educational institute so that he does not have to walk several kilometers to get his vehicle. Apps like this can act as a game-changer so that people can park their vehicles. As most of the people park their cars for a specific time, like 9-5 for a workplace, this can make a good solution for everyone using it. A person can place his car after five at a place as he knows that area will be vacant after that time.

There can be a drawback for these apps because if everyone uses the same app, it will be convenient for them. When everyone is on the same page, they will see real-time car parking options rather than looking for parking at a particular place, rather than two or three locations.

2. Real Estate App

Another important aspect for people living in which city has to deal with is real estate. Finding a place for rent, for example, can be very hectic. An app that can tell you that you can find a place for rent in a week’s time to plan accordingly can be a great help to anyone. There are already many real estate apps on Google Play and the App Store, but again, if you can come up with smart features and options so that most people will use your app, then you can hit the bullseye.

Buying and selling real estate is not for everyone, and only professionals can indulge in making the transactions. That is why realtors and people having full knowledge of this industry will use your app so that they can be one step ahead of everyone. This will give you an edge so that all the other apps which are used by teachers and just about anyone who can download any app can start charging a premium amount for using the app.

The Return on Investment (ROI) aspect can be fruitful for any mobile app development company in Toronto, as they look to get benefits after investing so much in such an app. You can imagine how much time and effort needs to be put into creating a comprehensive real estate app. That is why, as a developer, you must think about how to make a cool ROI for you.

3. Health Check-Up

Fitness apps are in attendance, and then there are many which are related to your Smartwatch or fitness bands. But an app that comprehensively gives you a real checkup about your health, right from BMI to alerting you about any impending disease or illness, can be of great help to all of the users. There are certain features like sensors offering heart rate monitor and blood pressure to the users. If you can offer something like checking the blood glucose level or other important aspects, then your app can score high over all the others.

If you can provide them with something even close to a feature for COVID or an option to scan your body for such viruses, you can hit the jackpot. The world has to live with this virus for some time now. And if you can provide your users with a chance to use features like these through a smartphone, then it can be a revolutionary new feature in a mobile app.

Hospitals and health professionals are always on the Lookout for ground-breaking apps. Such an app would get a warm welcome. You never know the reach for your app across the globe, as some vital changes can make it an app that health officials can officially use in all the countries.

Over to you

Never underestimate any future of an app that can work wonders for you. The above mentioned three aspects offer a glimpse of what can be done with an app. and how much importance apps will have in our lives in the coming few years.

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