10 Things to Update Around the House

10 Things to Update Around the House

It’s almost summer, which means it’s almost time for open windows, good weather, and a chance to update your home. It’s much easier to repair your roof, apply a fresh coat of paint, or plant a front yard tree when the weather is warm. This summer, you don’t have to update every detail of your home. However, if you have a few items on your to-do list, now is the time to take care of them! Take advantage of the absence of snow, sunny days, and summer vacation to knock out some of your projects.

When it comes to taking care of your home, it’s easy to let some things slide. After all, the simple life is best, so why should you worry about every little detail? It’s great to feel content with what you have, but it’s also good to explore new options and cultivate beauty around your home. If you have a hard time keeping your house clean, or finding a decor style that works for you, spend this summer finding better ways to enjoy your home. With a few simple updates, you’ll be able to relax in a brand new place.


You should have the roof of your home inspected every spring. After harsh winter conditions, your roof could become torn or rotted. Since your roof protects your home from the elements, it’s important that you take good care of it. Inspect your roof. If it needs repair, contact a trusted local company. If you deal with many harsh winters, consider residential metal roofing, for permanent protection of your home.


If your paint colors were in style ten years ago, that may no longer be true. It’s always better to go with a color you like than to ride trends. So, if it’s time to repaint, select a color you love. If it boosts your mood, or helps you relax, that’s an added bonus. Get a few samples from your local hardware store and see what paint colors you think would work in your house.


Many things become outdated quickly. When they’re in, they’re in; however, a decade later, they make your home look old, or even tacky. One of the first things to lose status is lighting. If you’re lucky enough to have timeless lighting fixtures, the lighting around your home isn’t a concern. However, you may have lighting you hate. This summer, you can design your own modern, timeless pieces, with perforated tubing to help transform your home.


Your windows are the eyes of your home. Beautiful windows can transform the aesthetic of your house. This summer, take advantage of brand new windows or window treatments, to spruce up the look of your home. Brand new shutters could make your inside and outside feel like a brand new place.


If you’re like most people, your garage suffers from too much stuff. We all end up with old toys, excess sports equipment, and boxes of heirlooms in the garage. Take action against your garage’s mess. Install hooks to hang bikes and other items, to clear the floor space. If you employ the right tactics, you can clear up garage space in no time.


Speaking of storage, your home may harbor extra stuff as well. If you feel like you always struggle to find things, pick up clutter, or find places for new items, it’s time to double down on storage space. Install shelves in your closets to take advantage of vertical space. Hang things from the underside of shelves, and make room for bins. If you strategize, you can triple your storage space around the home.


Another home item that gets outdated quickly, counters become hard to enjoy, once they go out of style. Your kitchen counter affects the look of your entire kitchen, and your bathroom counter monopolizes the color scheme of your bathroom. You can update counters with paint, or have new ones installed. If you’re stuck with blue or orange, you might want to consider updating your counters as soon as possible.


There are two rooms that get remodelled more than any other: the kitchen, and the bathroom. Your bathroom is easy to spruce. While it costs more to update the tub, shower, toilet, or sink, it is quick and inexpensive to update your walls, colors, or tiles. You can can paint tiles, or cover them with adhesive tile patterns. You can repaint cupboards. You can even update your floor with very little work or money.


The other most remodelled room in a home, your kitchen is one of the most important places in your house. It’s where you cook dinner, bake Christmas cookies, and wash your dishes. The kitchen is naturally the gathering place for most families, and yours should be a comfortable place for everyone to hang out. There’s a lot that you can update in your kitchen, from the counters, to the cabinets, to the floor, to the appliances. A simple wall color change might do the trick. Or, you might want to go crazy and rearrange the entire layout. Whatever changes you decide to make to your kitchen, it could be one of your most satisfying updates.


If you’re not in love with the layout of your home, you could consider a room remodel. If a room is too large, or you need some extra privacy, you can install room dividers. If you have too many tiny rooms, and not as much open space as you’d like, you can tear walls down. For commercial construction products in Lyndhurst, OH, contact Lyndhurst Lumber. If you’re savvy with carpentry and home repair, you might be able to do the remodel yourself. Otherwise, you should get in touch with a reliable company.

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